Temporary disturbances in the purchase of Global SIM card extensions

We are preparing our services for the upcoming hunting season, which is currently causing temporary disturbances with the extension of the Global SIM cards.

Due to the backend system disturbance, we recommend temporarily purchasing an extension for Global SIM via the Tracker app only. In the device settings, the sim card is temporarily named Artemis SIM. However, you can purchase an extension by following the instructions provided by the application.

Note! The device ID given by the webshop may differ from the device ID displayed in the application when purchasing the Artemis SIM extension. The webshop will automatically provide the correct device ID, so please do not change the ID displayed in the correspondent field. The SIM card extension purchased through the app will be automatically activated on the device.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause to our customers. If needed, you can contact our technical support by sending us a support request.