Which codes and license keys do I have to save and which are disposable?

At first it might feel a bit confusing when there are many different codes and one might be wondering what works with what and is this disposable or do I have to save it, if it's needed later on at some point

Quick answer:

SMS verification code (disposable, one-time code)

License Key that can be found at Your apps "License" - menu (Save this code!)

License Key that is bought as an activation code (disposable, one-time code)

Activation codes for SIM-card (disposable, one-time codes)

More information:

Let's start with the SMS verification code (disposable, one-time code)

- You install the Tracker app on your phone
- After installation, you will launch the application
- You agree to the User Agreement, Use of Information and Customer Notices, and permission to use location on your device
- The application then asks for a phone number and when you enter it, a Verification code is sent to it via SMS
- When you open the message folder on your phone, you will see a message from "Tracker Oy"
- You open the message and you see the message: "Tracker Verification code: 123456 ABcdEfGhI1J"
- You enter that six-digit Verification Code at the application prompt
(those 11 letters / numbers shown after first six-digits, are not usually needed)
- After this, the application is registered for your use and you can delete the Verification Code sent to your phone as a text message, as it is no longer needed after this step. It is a one-time installation-only code that ensures that the phone number you enter during product registration is the number you use.

License Key that can be found at Your apps "License" - menu (Save this code!)

Once you have succesfully installed and registered Tracker app on your phone and verified the phone number you used during installation, then it displays the license key used by the product in the license menu:

- Open the Tracker application
- In the map view, tap the button in the lower left corner or swipe from the left side of the screen to the center of the map
- The left side menu of the application opens
- Scroll to the end of that menu and tap "Settings"
- Then from the menu that opens, tap: "License"
- "License key" appears first in the menu that opens
- This is not a one-time code, but this Licence Key is a code for which you can activate all other additional services you have purchased (e.g. "Tracker Map Pro" for localized, better quality maps, for Sweden and France)
- It is a good idea to keep the license key in some safe place just in case you should need it later on, so write it down or take a screenshot of this menu view, for example.

Few additional notes:

- All Tracker license activation codes that have letters in them, are case sensitive, so there's a difference between an uppercase "A" and a lowercase "a" and if You accidentally type lowercase "a" then the code is not accepted and gives you an error message. 

- License key is usually either 8 letters or 12 letters long, so if the length doesn't match, then you might have some additional letters there or some letters missing, this will also generate an error message. 

- License Key never has any numbers on it, it has only letters, so if you used a number as part of the License Key, it generates an error message.

- License key can be used only once, so if you have already used that code previously and activated some additional service or extended excisting "License Key" license time with it, then if the code is not a fresh unused code anymore and you try to use it, it generates an error message.

License Key that is bought as an activation code (disposable, one-time code)

This is the one thing that might easily cause misunderstandings, for e.g. once You buy a "Tracker - Annual License" product or "Tracker Live Daily pass", you basicly buy just an activation code for the product and depending how you use it, it is either just a disposable one-time code or ends up at the top of Your phone apps "License" - menu and is shown as your "License Key"

1st scenario

If you use it during the registration progress when installing the Tracker app on your phone the very first time and if you're asked to enter a "License Key" and you don't have one (new customer?) then you most likely enter the 8 or 12 letters long activation code for the "Tracker - Annual License" or "Tracker Live Daily pass" product that you've got after succesful purchase

Then it will end up shown at Your "License Key" at the top of Your "License" menu (Save this code! Not disposable)

If you buy "Tracker Live Daily pass" and get an activation code for it, it can also be used the same way as "Tracker - Annual License" product activation code, described above. Both products are 1:1 the same what comes to features they enable, but the later one gives a license time for 1 year and the first one just for the next 24hrs once the activation code for this product is used.

2nd scenario

If You already have Tracker app on Your phone with a valid excisting "License Key" shown at the top of Your "License" menu and You tap on "Extend with a License Key" item in apps "License" menu and you can enter the activation code received after buying "Tracker - Annual License" product or some additional service (e.g. Tracker Map Pro -maps), then either one of these two takes place:

- The "License Key" shown at the top of your "License" menu is not changed or altered in any way, only the 1 year license time gets extended with an additional 1 year with that new activation code you just entered via "Extend with a License Keyand you see a text (expiry time: date,month,year) extended with an additional year of license time.

- If it was the "Tracker Live Daily pass" you had bought and you already had an excisting "License Key" then it extends your  main license expiration time with an additional 24hrs e.g. if you activate the "Tracker Live Daily pass" 1hr before midnight, then your main "License Key" license time is extended to 1h before midnight on the following day. 

So, the "Tracker Live Daily pass" is not activated for the calendar day one uses it, but it extends the excisting license time for 24hrs starting from the moment you activate the product with its actication code 

(Daily pass code is also 8 or 12 letters long, only letters, never mixed with numbers and letters are case sensitive)

- If it was the "Tracker Map Pro" you had bought, then the "License Key" is left unchanged, but you'll see a new entry at "License options" item (MapPro - maps of Sweden and France / expires date,month,year) and this additional service is now activated to Your main "License Key" that is shown at the top of the "License" menu.

- Expiration time for the main "License Key" and an additional optional service is individually consumed for both of them. Means that if your main "License Key" expires before Tracker Map Pro -service, then you're not download new maps from Tracker Map Pro -service if your main "License Key" has expired. You need a valid main license to be able to use additional services activated to your main license.

If it's the other way around, that Tracker Map Pro -service license time expires and you still have license time left for your main "License Key", then you can use the app normally, except you're not able to download those special maps that Tracker Map Pro -service would enable (of which has its own license time now expired independantly from your main "License Key")

Activation codes for SIM-card (disposable, one-time codes)

To top up saldo (Travel SIM) or add 1 year service extension (Tele2 SIM, Tracker Artemis SIM)

The SMS verification code, that we discussed earier, was used just to verify your own phonenumber during Tracker app installation, so it has nothing to do with these prepaid SIM card activation codes used by your dogs gps device (collar)

These are not activated for the main "License Key" used by Tracker app, so these wont work if you try to enter them using Tracker app "License" menu "Extend with a License Key" option. It gives an error message instead.

Instead, you have to open "Targets" menu and tap targets name that has a collar using one of these SIMs

- Open the Tracker application

- In the map view, tap the button in the lower right corner or swipe from the right side of the screen to the center of the map

- Tap "All targets"

- Tap "My devices"

- Tap at the name of the target (not the icon for the target)

- From the opening menu scroll down untill you find a menu item for the SIM card

- Tap the option to top up saldo or add 1 year service extension and enter the activation code you were given after purchase. Once the activation code is used to top up saldo or extend the service time for the SIM in question, it has no further use anymore, so these are just one-time codes and disposable once used

You can also contact Tracker Support or send us a Support request if you encounter some unexpected problems or error messages etc. so that we can give you more detailed instructions