TravelSIM M2M -card info and instructions

Quick answer:

TravelSIM is a Prepaid SIM card from estonian mobile operator TravelSim / Topconnect OÜ

What comes to rates TravelSIM has very cheap data plan, but is more expensive if sending SMS or making a phone call

Usually, receiving a phone call is free and it has no monthly subscription or automated renewal once saldo/balance is used

You can buy more saldo on our website.

More information

What to do if a phone call does not go through to a TravelSIM device and the caller gets an error message instead?

Some operators have blocked calls to some Estonian numbers, which means that some phones with a subscription to TravelSIM do not connect to the call but will answer:

Call blocked

No number in use

Cannot connect to the selected number

There is a workaround for this:

Create a new contact in your phonebook using the collar share name and replace "+" in front of the phone number by some international carrier code

If not sure which prefix codes are available for your, then check this from your own mobile operator customer service 

Here's an xample and this is from Finland where one of the most widely used international carrier codes is a 990 prefix

Phone number of the TravelSIM card in your device: + 37281xxxxxx
In Tracker App the phone number is shown in targets own settings page as: + 37281xxxxxx
Save this in your phone’s phonebook as 99037281xxxxxx and call to TravelSIM by using this 990 prefix to replace "+"

It must not be replaced in the app for it must remain in original format + 37281xxxxxx 

(otherwise Tracker live service won't be able to use it, if it doesn't use the proper international format for phone number)

Operator settings

Since TravelSIM card is a regular prepaid SIM you can use it on other devices besides Tracker GPS device

Most of the frequently asked questions are answered on TravelSIM own website FAQ site or Email/Phone call

These other devices might ask you to fill in more detailed technical information, such as following:

MCC = 248
MNC = 04

MMS settings:
Access point name (APN):
Proxy: port 8080

MMS messages can be sent only from one TravelSIM number to another TravelSIM number (or to an email)

APN settings for TravelSIM:


Account: (leave blank or if cannot be left empty, then fill in TravelSIM phone number without + e.g. 372xxxxxx)

TravelSIM doesn't work in so called "operator locked phones" or other devices where operator settings cannot be edited

In some Samsung, LG, HTC ja Apple iPhone devices it might require you to use compalibity mode:

- Open SIM options menu on that device

- Select: "TravelSIM"

- Select: "Settings"

- If confirmation is asked, reply: OK

- Use this code: "1101"

- If confirmation is asked, reply: OK

- It should display a reply "CC OptionX:ON"

- If confirmation is asked, reply: OK

- Switch off your phone and then switch on again

- Make a test call to some number and see if it works ok

If this short instruction didn't work on your phone, then please contact either Apple or Google or phone's manufacturers for further information and device specific instructions

If the phone you are using TravelSIM with is very old, then it might need an additional prefix

e.g. if you're calling to a number +358012345678 you would need to add following prefix to it:




...and then select: "Call"

You can also contact Tracker Support or send us a Support request if you encounter some unexpected problems or error messages etc. so that we can give you more detailed instructions