How do I install Tracker App on my phone or tablet?

Quick answer:

You can download the Tracker App from your phone's own App Store:

iOS devices: Apple App Store

Android devices: Google Play Store

Type "Tracker Hunter 6" on App Store search and when the right product is found, tap "Install"

Follow the instructions given on-screen and give the information needed for App installation and registration

More information:

If the App's installation doesn't seem to start at all through your phone's app store, please check Apple's own instructions and Google's own instructions to resolve the issue

If you are installing Tracker App on a phone or tablet that doesn't have a SIM card, follow these instructions

The most important information to get correct is your phone number, for SMS verification code is sent to that number

- You install the Tracker app on your phone
- After installation, you will launch the application
- You agree to the User Agreement, Use of Information and Customer Notices, and permission to use location on your device
- The application then asks for a phone number and when you enter it, a Verification code is sent to it via SMS
- When you open the message folder on your phone, you will see a message from "Tracker Oy"
- You open the message and you see the message: "Tracker Verification code: 123456 ABcdEfGhI1J"
- You enter that six-digit Verification Code at the application prompt
(those 11 letters/numbers shown after the first six-digits, are not usually needed)
- After this, the application is registered for your use and you can delete the Verification Code sent to your phone as a text message, as it is no longer needed after this step. It is a one-time installation-only code that ensures that the phone number you enter during product registration is the number you use.

If You didn't receive any SMS verification code and installation seems to get stuck at this point, follow these instructions

This is the point where installation differs for new customers and those who already have an existing Tracker App license

For existing customers, after giving the phone number that matches to registration found on Tracker servers, the installation automatically synchronizes that license key along with all the additional information used (targets, etc.) to a new installation of Tracker App.

If you are a new customer and choose not to login / sign-in with previous license information (new customers usually don't have them) for you can also proceed without

You can select an option to bypass and proceed without product registration. Then you can track your own position on the map, but Tracker App features are limited, compared to a customer with a paid active license or to a customer who has registered the product during installation. This means e.g. that you are not able to use Tracker Live service (for Tracker LIve this is part of the paid license)

You can select an option to Register: Give name, email address and a phone number > Proceed > You get informed that you're now using a free version of the product for evaluation purposes and that it is valid for 14 days starting from the day you installed the app.

Note! Free 14 days evaluation period gives access to all Tracker live services. But, it is only offered for a completely fresh user. If you have used Tracker App in the past and any of your IDs e.g. IMEI or Phone Number or device ID are already registered in Tracker live server, the free 14 days trial version will be not available. In case you need assistance upon Tracker Hunter 6 installation, you can contact Tracker Support or send a Support request, our support team will inform you how to proceed. 

You can later on buy "Tracker - Annual License" or "Tracker Live Daily pass to activate a one-day (24hrs) or 1-year full license for the Tracker App. You can buy these from your local Tracker Retailer

You can also contact Tracker Support or send us a Support request if you encounter some unexpected problems or error messages etc. so that we can give you more detailed instructions