How do I install Tracker App to a device that has no SIM card?

Quick answer:

1. The device you are installing the Tracker application on, doesn't need to have a SIM card

- First install the Tracker App to your device as described on this FAQ article

- Once you have installed the Tracker App and open it the first time it asks to accept terms and conditions etc.

- Then Tracker App asks for a phone number to be used for the SMS authentication message

2. This is the point where the installation process differs from one done with a device that has a SIM card on it

- First, unselect the option for automatic sign-in / login (you'll find this option just below the phone number -menu item)

- You can use any phone number that you have at your disposal and could be used for the next step: SMS verification

- Once the phone number is verified, select the license key from the list displayed next and then select the Share name

- Installation is now complete

See "More information" for more detailed instructions

More Information:

For step by step instuctions for the installation process, you can follow these instuctions given on another FAQ article

1. SMS verification

- When you open the message folder on your phone, you will see a message from "Tracker Oy"
- You open the message and you see the message: "Tracker Verification code: 123456 ABcdEfGhI1J"
- You enter that six-digit Verification Code at the application prompt
(those 11 letters/numbers shown after the first six-digits, are not usually needed)
- After this, the application is registered for your use and you can delete the Verification Code sent to your phone as a text message, as it is no longer needed after this step. It is a one-time installation-only code that ensures that the phone number you enter during product registration is the number you use.

If You didn't receive any SMS verification code and installation seems to get stuck at this point, follow these instructions

2. Activate the App with the license key you wan't to use

Then you will be given a list of license key's that were linked to the phone number given

- You can either tap the license key listed or, if it's not mentioned on the list: Tap "None of these"

- Then you are given an option to enter license key you wan't to use with the App

- If you get an error message that the license key used is incorrect or not found, follow these instructions

3. Select the Share name you would like to use

- The next step gives a list of share names from which you can tap  and select the one you want to use

- If the share name is not listed on this menu contact Tracker Support or send us a Support request

- If you would like to create a new share name, select "None of these" and create a new one


If You create a new share name it has an empty target's list and no previous history on Tracker Live -service

Then you have to add dog GPS devices you would like to track and you can do it by following this FAQ guide

If there are several hundred items, groups, waypoints, etc., synchronization may take some time, so make sure that the Internet connection used by the application is not lost during data synchronization.

Device power management settings are often the cause if the Internet connection used by the application is lost during data synchronization.

In that case, please follow these instructions if the App's connection to Tracker Live -service doesn't work:

Instructions for Android devices
Instructions for Apple iOS device

You can also contact Tracker Support or send us a Support request if you encounter some unexpected problems or error messages etc. so that we can give you more detailed instructions