How can I purchase a license or renew my excisting license?

Quick answer:

How to purchase:

Contact your local Tracker retailer

How to activate:

- Once the license is purchased, you have received an activation code for your purchase

- Then open your Tracker App, open "Licence" -menu and use your code with "Extend with a license key" - option

More information:

How to extend my excisting license:

- Open the Tracker application
- In the map view, tap the button in the lower left corner or swipe from the left side of the screen to the center of the map
- The left side menu of the application opens
- Scroll to the end of that menu and tap "Settings"
- Then from the menu that opens, tap: "License"

- Use your code with "Extend with a license key" - option

Once these steps are done, you can check from the same "License" -menu and make sure that validity period for your license key has been extended, or the validity period for some additional service has been extended under "License options" -menu

More information about the different licenses, activation codes, vouchers etc. can be found here

If you cannot find any Tracker Retailers nearby or have other problems related directly to purchasing a Tracker license, then please use this contact information and let us know, so that we can take a closer look at your order

If you find problems while trying to use the activation code you received after a succesfull purchase, then please contact Tracker Support or send a Support request so that we can provide additional instructions and test if the activation code you received is valid etc.