How can I change the license key, phone number or share name, used by Tracker App?

How to change the phone number

- Open "License" menu -> "Phone number" -> Give the new phone number -> Confirm with SMS verification code

- Once the new phone number is confirmed, the phone number used by Tracker App is changed

How to change the license key

- Open "License" menu -> "Release license" -> "Activate license"

- If you would like to continue using the same phone number that you used with previous installation, then unselect the option for automatic sign-in / login as described in this article

- Then you will get a list of all the license keys found with this phone number you have just given and if the license key you would like to use is among the ones listed, you can tap on it and select it to be used with this registration

- If the license key is not listed on this menu, then you can select the last option on the list, which is "None of these"

Then you can choose from these options:

1. "Login" - this option will let you use a license key that you have used previously. It can also be an expired license code, but then you would have to renew your Tracker license, as described in this article

2. "Register" - this option will let you do a new clean installation and later on, once the registration is complete, you can open the "License" menu and click on "Activate license" and extend the license time for this new registered "License key"

3. "Bypass" - this option will let you install the application without sign-in / login or registration. In this case, not all features in the application are available for you, but you can see your own position on the map. You will get the following reminder: 

"You are using the non-paid version of the application. You are missing out on some of the key features, e.g. tracking of other uses and GPS devices"

How to change the share name used by the Tracker application

It is not possible to edit the share name used by the application or GPS device (Tracker techsupport can not edit share names), but you can delete it if necessary and create a new share name

The display name shown on map, can be edited as often as you want, by opening the target's own "Settings" menu and then tapping the first "Name" field in the list and saving a new display name

To change the share name used by the Tracker application:

Before changing the share name, note the following:

- Just in case, write down or copy otherwise (take a screenshot?) the License Key, Share Name, and Phone Number displayed in the "License" menu of the application.
- Also take copy of share names and passwords used by GPS devices and friends that you track frequently
- If you have groups you are a member of, copy the share names and passwords used by those groups
- Also take copy of Area Identifier Code's of the OmaRiista service and the email-address and password you use with the Reviiri service
- If your "Targets"-list contains waypoints, self-drawn paths or areas, etc. that you want to keep, then one option is to form a new group to share them with and join this group with your new share name and this way gain access to those waypoints, areas and paths with your new share name

When a share name used by an application or GPS device is removed from the Tracker Live -service, all data stored with that share name, such as GPS device's timeline playback data and all menu items in the "Targets"-list with the share name used by the Tracker application, are lost from the Tracker Live -service. More information can be found here

Once you've made sure all the information you need is saved and you've reset the App, the next time you start it, it'll ask you for a phone number, so here's how it goes from there:

- First of all, remember to turn off the "Automatic login" option below the phone number field
- In the phone number field, enter a phone number that you used with previous Tracker App installation, if possible, if not, then proceed with the phone number that you have access to in order to read the SMS verification code sent to that phone number
- After confirming the access to the phone number used during installation, the "Select license" menu opens
- If the phone number you entered finds the correct license key directly, tap and select it
- If the phone number you entered does not find anything, or does not contain the exact license key you would like to use, select. "None of these" -> Then select "Login" and enter the license key you used earlier
- Next you will get a list of share names that can be found based on your phone number and now the list should also show the share name you want to get rid of, so don't select it but tap "None of these" at the end of the list and create a new share name

Once you have completed steps mentioned above, the App installation proceeds normally to the instruction cards displayed at the beginning of the application, etc.

- However, the "Targets"-list is completely empty after this, so add the friends and GPS device's you want to track
- Rejoin groups of which your previous share name was a member ("Targets"-menu -> Plus-sign -> Join group)
- Ask group administrators to remove your previous share name from those groups if a new share name was successfully added to the group
- For groups whose sole administrator is the share name you previously used, contact Tracker Techsupport to request that they assign administrator privileges to the new share and remove the old share from the group membership
- Also let your friends know about this change that you now have a new share name

When the Tracker App uses a new share name and the targets you previously used are added once again to the "Targets"-list

- When everything appears to be fine, you can contact Tracker Techsupport and request that they remove the old share name you previously used with Tracker's Live -service. It is no longer needed