How can I update Tracker GPS device software?

Quick answer:

Tracker GPS devices that are manufactured 2013 or later, can have their firmware upgraded over internet (OTA). For GPS devices older than that, please contact Tracker Service directly. They cannot be updated online, and therefore the upgrade option is not displayed in the settings menu for those devices.

Tracker Artemis GPS devices automatically download and install new updates as soon as they are available, so this following guide doesn't apply to Tracker Artemis

But for other GPS devices released in 2013 and onward, the update proceeds like this:

Check if the update is available:

- Open apps right side menu -> on mapview, tap the lower right corner button -> this opens the "Targets" - menu

- From "Targets" - menu -> tap "All targets" -> "My devices" -> tap the name of the GPS device (just the name, not the icon in front of the target)

- Scroll the menu down to a menu item "SW version...." and if a new version is available, you will see a yellow warning sign blinking  -> tap the update info and accept the update

- If you see just the "SW version..." and no red text below that menu item, then the GPS device is already using the latest Software update available

If there is an update available:

- Connect the GPS device to its own charger

- Switch the power "ON"

- Wait untill the GPS device connects to internet + Tracker live and starts sending position updates via Tracker Live

- Open "Targets" - menu -> scroll down to "SW version..." -> accept the update

- Depending on how much data the update is downloading, it might take awhile. Usually it's done within 15-30 mins, but if internet connection available is weak etc. it might take up to 30-40mins to complete the update

More information:

There may not be a separate notification on the application screen that the software update was successful, but if after 30-40 minutes you open the item settings menu and find the software version number has been updated to a newer one and the red update text is missing, the device software has been successfully updated

If the update was aborted or otherwise "didn't work out" as intended:

The most usual case is, that the collar is on a weak network or the internet connection has been otherwise disrupted, and the software update has not been downloaded successfully for that reason.

In that case, you can check if there is another place where the operator's network is stronger and start the upgrade process from the all over again, or try again later if the timing was less than optimal (if the network connection had lots of data downloads at the same time etc.)

You can also contact Tracker Support or send us a Support request if you encounter some unexpected problems or error messages etc. so that we can give you more detailed instructions