What if I accidently activated the same License Key for more than one device?

Quick answer:

1. Choose the device where you would like to use the application with this license key that you have at your disposal and then do the following on those devices where you would like to release the license key:

- Open the Tracker application
- In the map view, tap the button in the lower left corner or swipe from the left side of the screen to the center of the map
- The left side menu of the application opens
- Scroll to the end of that menu and tap "Settings"
- Then from the menu that opens, tap: "License

- Then tap the manu item: "Release license"

Once this is done, you can tap "Activate a license" and use some of your other License Key for this device or buy a new License Key for this device

2. You can continue using app on more than one device with the same license (more information below)

More information:

Activate the product with the license key you have purchased

If you want to use another license you own for this device or activate a separate new license for it, you can purchase additional license for it and activate it for use by using these instructions

Activate the product with the license key that you have previously used 

(e.g. excisting license key owned by you and used on some other device)

If you already have another valid license key that you would like to use for this device from which you just released the license, reopen its license menu on that device and you will find that there are only these two options:

No license

"You are using the non-paid version..."

Activate a license

"Activate a license to fuly enable all the functionality..."

Tap on that "Activate license" and now if you have devices with their own phone numbers and you're not sure which number is now linked to that license you used before, you could proceed following these instructions after tapping that "Activate license", as if you were activating the Tracker application on a device that does not have a SIM card (phone number)

The most important thing in that guide is to remember that when you enter a phone number, you will remember to deselect "Auto-login" (located just below the phone number) as it allows you to choose which license key or share name you want to use the product with.

What happens if I continue to use the same license on two different devices?

Then you see a following entry at the "License" -menu for the device that is not currently connected to Tracker Live -service:

License in use on another device

"Tap to transfer the license to this device"

Also when opening the app you get a pop-up notification:

License reserved

"This license is currently in use on another device. Do you want to transfer the license?"

Yes or No

The application works with the same license on more than one device, but only one device can be logged in to Tracker Live at the same time with the same license key / share name

If another device is already signed in to Tracker Live and you open an application that uses the same license key / share name on another device, you will be notified that the account you are using already have an active live sign in on another device (device no.1) and ask if you want to move to the device (device no.2)

If you answer yes, Device no.1 will sign out of the Tracker Live app, and then Device no.2 will sign in to Tracker Live with the same credentials.

Many use the app in this way, for example, when tracking the dog on a tablet in their car and then transfer the Tracker Live login to the app on their phone when leaving the car

When they return to the car, they can repeat the steps described earlier, and when they launch the app on the tablet (device no.2) and answer the sign-in transfer question, the app with the same share name and license key will sign out of Tracker Live on the phone (device no.1)

You can also contact Tracker Support or send us a Support request if you encounter some unexpected problems or error messages etc. so that we can give you more detailed instructions