Why do I get an error message: Wrong license key or wrong registration code / activation code?

Quick answer:

1. You are trying to enter a license key that is not a new unused activation code via the "Activate license key" menu item in the "License" menu

2. An individual character is incorrect, or a space or extra character has been accidentally entered somewhere in the license key or activation code you entered

3. The license code or activation code you use is other than the Tracker 1 year or 1 day (24h) license key / activation code, Ultracom cross-tracking, or Tracker MapPro product activation code

You can also contact Tracker Support or send us a Support request if you encounter some unexpected problems or error messages etc. so that we can give you more detailed instructions

More information:

1. The license key or activation code you entered is not a new unused activation code

- Only the license key displayed in the "License Key" section of the "License" menu is a permanent code (non-disposable)
- All other codes are usually one-time activation codes for the products you purchased or one-time activation codes for topping up balance / license time. More information can be found here

2. The license key you entered has an incorrect or extra character

- These activation codes, entered via the "Activate license key" item in the "License" menu, are either 8 or 12 characters long and never contain numbers but letters only
- Some characters are easy to confuse, e.g. the capital letter L is easy to distinguish but the lower case version of the same: l and I (capital i) are easily misread
- Some mobile virtual keyboards may have auto-formatting enabled that can capitalize the first letter you enter, even if it should be a lowercase one, or add a space after the last character, and so on

3. You are attempting to enter the wrong product activation code through this "Activate License Key" menu item

- When entered through this "Activate License Key" menu item, only the license keys / activation codes for these products that are displayed on the Licenses section of the Tracker WebStore will be accepted
- If the device in question has TravelSIM or the license key you are using is linked to a TravelSIM number, i.e. the "License" menu item "Phone number" shows the TravelSIM number, you can check its balance and activate additional balance through this Tracker TravelSIM website and buy additional license time / service time from your local Tracker retailer