What Tracker GPS devices are compatible with Tele2 SIM?

Quick answer:

Following devices are compatible with Tele2 SIM:

- Supra version 2.17
- G1000 version 2.17, 2.16, 2.13
- G500 version 2.17, 2.16, 2.13
- G400 version 2.17, 2.16, 2.13

Also B-bark GPS devices that have orange collars on them

More information:

How can I check the version number from my GPS device?

The above mentioned version number is usually written on GPS device chassis. If the version numbers have worn off and not visible anymore, but you do know the IMEI-code (a long string of numbers starting with 35xxxxxx) you can contact Tracker Service or Tracker Support and we can do a search for the GPS device based on its IMEI-code

If your GPS device has been upgraded in Tracker Service to support OTA-updates (software updates over internet), then you can see the version number also by checking the settings menu for this GPS device in question

For older Tracker GPS devices the following menu item is not available, but for upgraded GPS Devices (e.g. G400FI, G500FI) it is available:

- Open apps right side menu -> on mapview, tap the lower right corner button -> this opens the "Targets" - menu

- From "Targets" - menu -> tap "All targets" -> "My devices" -> tap the name of the GPS device (just the name, not the icon in front of the target)

- Scroll the menu down to a menu item "SW version...."

- You'll notice this version numbering is divided in two sections: "H:E" and "S:B". The later one indicates what is the latest software update downloaded and installed on your GPS Device and the first one indicates the version number we're now looking for e.g. "H:E02.16.00" and this matches to the one found at GPS Device chassis e.g. "V2.16.00"

The version number on GPS Device chassis differs from the one mentioned at GPS Device settings -menu on App?

The one found on GPS Device's settings -menu on App is most likely more recent and up-to-date

If feeling uncertain and wanting to find out what the version number for your GPS device actually is, then you can always contact Tracker Service and they can check the maintenance history for your device. Tracker Support has no access to such information, but Tracker Service does

You can also contact Tracker Support or send us a Support request if you encounter some unexpected problems or error messages etc. so that we can give you more detailed instructions