iOS - Why my friend cannot track me?

Quick answer:

- Close the application and restart
- If necessary, force the application to close according to Apple's own instructions
- Restart your iOS device
- Check this Apple's own guide for how to check updates for an app (in this case: Tracker App)
- If necessary, uninstall the app (Apple's own guide), then download and reinstall it

When you are sure the App does have connection to internet (e.g. map download works ok) proceed as follows:

- Make sure that the license you are using is valid and, if expired, extend license time and activate it
- If your friends say that they cannot track you via Tracker's live service -> see "More information" below
- Contact the owner of the GPS device (or friend) you are tracking, to make sure the share name and password are ok
(NOTE! A lower case "a" is different than an upper case "A" because sharenames and passwords are case sensitive)

More information:


In general, if you experience app errors, or changes (of any sort) it's always recommended to check if your Tracker application has the latest updates installed (use these instructions)

It might also be the case, that you have the latest update installed for the app, but your friend who's tracking you via Tracker live service, has not updated their own Tracker application (the app is outdated). So make sure you both have the latest version installed

In most cases, however, the problem lies with Internet connection, either for the device you are using or just for a single application not having access to the internet

Power management settings can also affect whether an application disconnects from the Internet or uses location services with some restrictions (or cannot use at all)
For example, when you switch to use another application and then return to Tracker app or do not touch the device screen for a while, or the device screen turns off

If your friend can't track you

- On a mapview, tap the icon at the lower right corner to open the right side menu -> tap "All targets" -> tap "Own position"

- From the menu that opens: Check "Share name" and an "Observer Password" in case your friend is using incorrect ones

- Check also that "Observing allowed" is enabled (observing allowed) and if not, tap the slider to change it

- You can also check if your friend is listed at "Observers" menu item that lists all the share names tracking you

If necessary, ask your friend to change the password by tapping the password menu item, or remove your live target completely from your friend's target's list and add you once more via Tracker Live -service, but this time with up-to-date information

- Your friend can tap "Trash can" -icon at the top of that same menu to remove your Tracker live target, if wanting to add it later on as a new target and search from Tracker Live -service with updated password, etc. info given by you

If that's the case, then ask your friend to:

- On a mapview, tap icon at the lower right corner to open right side menu -> tap "plus-icon" -> tap "Tracker-live"

- Now your friend can use the correct share name and observer password to add you back to the target's list

If the problem still excists and is not resolved:

Make sure your iOS device's own software is up to date

- Link to Apple's own guide on how to check and update iOS -device's own software

Make sure Tracker app is allowed to stay on and operate even while you're using other app, screen switched off, etc.

- Link to Apple's own guide on how to check permissions and disable or enable them for applications (e.g. Tracker App)

Make sure iOS device time/date update is set on automatic, otherwise Tracker target data might be off-synch

- Link to Apple's own guide on what to do if one is not able to change the time on your iOS device etc.

Make sure iOS device "Low Power Mode" is not restricting apps network connections and Tracker Live tracking

- Link to Apple's own guide on "Low Power Mode" settings and of what effects it has on your iOS device

Make sure to check possible network problems that might cause Tracker live targets not to synchronize properly

- This applies if you can track your own position on map, but you're not able to track any other target over Tracker Live -service + not able to download new maps. Then it's either iOS device that has lost its network connection or it's just a single app (Tracker app) that doesn't have an access to internet

- Link to Apple's own guide if it's a single app that has lost connection to internet

- Link to Apple's own guide if you see an error message "No service" or "Searching" on your iOS device

- Link to Apple's own guide if you need to check cellular date is switched off for the iOS device, services or app(s)

If you only had a WLAN / WiFi connection when the problem occurred, turn it off and turn on Mobile Data only
Or vice versa, i.e. if Mobile Data was in use when the problem occurred, disable it and connect to the WLAN / WiFi network

You can also contact Tracker Support or send us a Support request if you encounter some unexpected problems or error messages etc. so that we can give you more detailed instructions