iOS - Why my own position is not shown on map or not updated at selected frequency?

Quick answer:

- Open right side menu by tapping the lower right corner icon in mapview or swipe the screen from right to the middle

- From opening right side menu, tap "All targets" -> tap "My position" (tap the name, not the icon)

- From opening menu, tap "Position update frequency"

- Test if some other setting works better at your iOS device than the default "Continuous"

- On top of this "My position" menu you'll see a waypoint icon -> tap the icon to show your position on map

- Or you can do the same on mapview by tapping the icon for "My position" target at the bottom of the screen

Then application shows your own position on map and there's also two other icons on mapview related to this:

If the Icon for GPS is gray, as shown on picture above -> tap the icon

Then GPS is enabled and used to calculate your position on map and update the position with selected frequency

If you're not able to activate your iOS device's GPS as described above, you will get an error message on the screen: 

"Positioning is disabled in phone settings. Please enable positioning there."

If that's the case, then you should check the settings listed on "More information" guide seen below:

More Information:


In case you run into trouble (of any sort) it's always a good thing to make sure the application on your phone has the latest updates installed (use these instructions)

Power management settings can also affect whether an application disconnects from the Internet or uses location services with some restrictions (or cannot use at all)
For example, when you switch to use another application and then return to Tracker app or do not touch the device screen for a while, or the device screen turns off

Make sure your iOS device's own software is up to date

- Link to Apple's own guide on how to check and update iOS -device's own software

Make sure Tracker app is allowed to stay on and operate even while you're using other app, screen switched off etc.

- Link to Apple's own guide on how to check permissions and disable or enable them for applications (e.g. Tracker App)

Make sure iOS device time/date update is set on automatic, for this affects also to GPS accuracy on your device

- Link to Apple's own guide on what to do if this setting doesn't save changes made or is non-responsive

Make sure iOS device "Low Power Mode" is not restricting apps use of device's GPS and Tracker Live tracking

- Link to Apple's own guide on "Low Power Mode" settings and of what effects it has on your iOS device

Make sure location services and GPS are enabled for your iOS device or for an individual app (Trackera App)

- Link to Apple's own guide on how to turn Location Services and GPS ON or OFF

Make sure Compass is enabled for your iOS device

- Link to Apple's own guide on how to toggle Compass ON or OFF

You can also reset Location Setrvices on your iOS device if that should be necessary

- Link to Apple's own guide of which lists what apps and services are affected and how the procedure is done

You can also contact Tracker Support or send us a Tukipyyntö if you encounter some unexpected problems or error messages related to Tracker app & services