Android - Why my own position is not shown on map or not updated at selected frequency?

Quick answer:

- Open the right side menu by tapping the lower right corner icon in map view or swipe the screen from right to the middle

- From opening the right side menu, tap "All targets" -> tap "My position" (tap the name, not the icon)

- From the opening menu, tap "Position update frequency"

- Test if some other setting works better on your Android device than the default "Continuous"

- You can also test if toggling the "Android legacy positioning" option ON or OFF gives better results

- On top of this "My position" menu you'll see a waypoint icon -> tap the icon to show your position on the map

- Or you can do the same on map view by tapping the icon for the "My position" target at the bottom of the screen

Then application shows your own position on the map and there are also two other icons on mapview related to this:

If the Icon for GPS is gray, as shown on the picture above -> tap the icon

Then GPS is enabled and used to calculate your position on the map and update the position with a selected frequency

If you're not able to activate your Android device's GPS as described above, you will get an error message on the screen: 

"Positioning is disabled in phone settings. Please enable positioning there."

If that's the case, then you should check the settings listed on the "More information" guide seen below:

More information: 


In case you run into trouble (of any sort), it's always a good thing to make sure the application on your phone has the latest updates installed (use these instructions)

Power management settings can also affect whether an application disconnects from the Internet or uses location services with some restrictions (or cannot use at all)
For example, when you switch to use another application and then return to Tracker app or do not touch the device screen for a while, or the device screen turns off

Make sure your Android device has its own software and security updates are up to date

- Link to Google's own guide for checking and updating software and security updates

Check if the location services and related settings on your Android device are active and enabled

- A link to Google's own guide with instructions given also for older legacy Android devices
- A link to Google's own guide to improving the accuracy of location services

Check if the permissions needed by the location services for Tracker application are active and available

- A link to Google's own guide to edit apps permissions e.g. to use location services on your device
- A link to Google's own guide for choosing which apps can use your Android phone’s location services

Do you use automatic updates/sync for time, date & time zone in your device?

- A link to Google's own guide for choosing the settings for time, date, and time zone

- If you have a dual SIM device, i.e. there are two different SIM cards / subscriptions from two different mobile carrier service provider and if there are problems with time/date/timezone sync with those ISP's network, please contact either the tech support of your mobile carrier subscription provider or the manufacturer of the Android device in question

If the compass on your Android device does not work or is inaccurate

- Link to Google's own guide for calibrating the compass on your Android device
- In addition, the Google Play Store has several apps for calibrating the compass and other sensors on your Android device. You should also ask the Android device manufacturer for their own technical support, as they may have their own application for this purpose that is specific to your device and the components used in it.

Power management settings to extend battery life, may prevent you from using GPS and location services

- A link to Google's own guide for these settings and their effects on your Android device

- For device-specific instructions, contact the tech support of the manufacturer of the Android device you are using

If the solution to the problem would require you to reset your Android device to factory settings

- A link to Google's own guide for backing up and restoring data on your Android device
- A link to Google's own guide for resetting your Android device to factory defaults

You can also contact Tracker Support or send us a Support request if you encounter some unexpected problems or error messages related to Tracker app & services