Android - Why my friend cannot track me?

Quick answer:

- Close the app and then restart the app

If restarting the application doesn't help:

- Open device's "Settings" -> "Applications" or "Apps" -> "Tracker" -app

1. Tap: Close or Force close

2. Tap: Clear (delete) app cache

3. Tap: Clear (delete) app data

These 3 steps don't uninstall the application and they don't delete data stored on Tracker Live -service

Then restart the application and login with the same phone number you've previously used with the app

- With the phone number given, all other information related to that phone number is synchronised back to your app (a license key, your share name, Tracker Live -service targets, waypoints etc.)

- If you have more than one Tracker license key  and you want to be absolutely sure that a certain license key is used for this particular device and want to hand pick the right one, then follow these instructions

If instructions suggested above were unsuccessful

- Follow Google's own guide on how to check and update the Tracker app via Google Play -store

- If necessary, follow Google's own guide on how to uninstall the app, then download and reinstall it

If Tracker app is still unable to connecto to Tracker Live - service, go through the points mentioned on "More information"

Once the application has connection to internet (e.g. you can download new maps etc.) check these:

- Check also that "Own position" at the target's list has "Observing allowed" is enabled (observing allowed) and if not, tap the slider to change it

- Make sure you have a valid license and if necessary, extend license time with a new license key bought from nearest Tracker retailer (Open left side menu -> "Settings" -> "License" -> "Extend with a license key")

- If others cannot track you or your other targets via Tracker Live -service won't update, check "More information" below

- Contact your friend or the owner of the GPS device that's position is not updated via Tracker Live -service and make sure you have the correct Share name and Password

(NOTE! Small lower case "a" in password or share name is a different than an upper case "A", for they're case sensitive)

More information:


In case you run into trouble (of any sort) it's always a good thing to make sure the application on your phone has the latest updates installed (use these instructions)

Power management settings can also affect whether an application disconnects from the Internet or uses location services with some restrictions (or cannot use at all)
For example, when you switch to use another application and then return to Tracker app or do not touch the device screen for a while, or the device screen turns off

If your own position is not shown on map

- Follow these instructrions

If your friend can't track you

- On a mapview, tap the icon at the lower right corner to open the right side menu -> tap "All targets" -> tap "Own position"

- From the menu that opens: Check "Share name" and an "Observer Password" in case your friend is using incorrect ones

- Check also that "Observing allowed" is enabled (observing allowed) and if not, tap the slider to change it

- You can also check if your friend is listed at "Observers" menu item that lists all the share names tracking you

If necessary, ask your friend to change the password by tapping the password menu item, or remove your live target completely from your friend's target's list and add you once more via Tracker Live -service, but this time with up-to-date information

- Your friend can tap "Trash can" -icon at the top of that same menu to remove your Tracker live target, if wanting to add it later on as a new target and search from Tracker Live -service with updated password, etc. info given by you

If that's the case, then ask your friend to:

- On a mapview, tap icon at the lower right corner to open right side menu -> tap "plus-icon" -> tap "Tracker-live"

- Now your friend can use the correct share name and observer password to add you back to the target's list

If the App's internet connection doesn't work or you're having trouble with Tracker Live -service:

Android ohjeet

iOS ohjeet

If the device you are using does not have some of the above mentioned menus or settings, please contact the manufacturer's own techsupport of the Android device in question for further instructions

You can also contact Tracker Support or send us a Service request if you encounter some unexpected problems or error messages related to Tracker app & services