Problems with your order made via Tracker retailer?

Quick answer:

Tracker customer service here in Finland has no access to orders made via local Tracker retailers, so please contact the retailer in question directly

You can find contact information for Tracker Retailers here

Instructions how to use the site to find the Retailers near your local area, can be found here

More information:

Why do I get an error message: Wrong license key or wrong registration code / activation code? 

If you bought some activation code or a license key and are unsure if it's a valid one etc. you can contact Tracker techsupport and they can check if the code is valid and give further instructions

Since activation codes and license keys are case sensitive (e.g. lower case "a" is different from an upper case "A") and also if there is some missing characters, then these are faster and easier to handle in written format, so e.g. sending a Support request is advisable but you can reach us also by phone