Problems with your order made via Tracker webshop?

Quick answer:


If you are using Tracker Webstore on some other European country (not in Finland) then you're not able to place orders for that option is available only within Finland

In that case, you can buy a "Tracker - Annual License" or "Tracker Live Daily pass" by contacting your local Tracker Retailer and then activate the license using the license key (activation code) you were given after purchase:

- Open the Tracker application
- In the map view, tap the button in the lower left corner or swipe from the left side of the screen to the center of the map
- The left side menu of the application opens
- Scroll to the end of that menu and tap "Settings"
- Then from the menu that opens, tap: "License"

- Tap "Extend with a license key" and enter the activation code you've purchased

- The activation code for the license bought is disposable once used, as mentioned on this FAQ guide

Tracker License Agreement gives more detailed information on License Terms andConditions


If you are in Finland then the option is available in Tracker Webstore but if you are getting some error message during the process of placing your order etc., then you could follow instructions given below on "More information"

More information:

Why do I get an error message: Wrong license key or wrong registration code / activation code?

If the problem persist, then proceed as follows:

- If you received an error message, test whether you can replicate the problem and take a screenshot (screen capture)
- Check if the purchase charged from the credit card you used or not

Problem might be related to the browser you're using, so try with a different browser or if you use some add-blocker try without them etc. one of the most widely used browser that on default settings is usually compatible with most (or all) webstores is Google Chrome

If you are a in Finland, you can also contact Tracker webstore customer service in finnish

Tracker License Agreement gives more detailed information on License Terms and Conditions

When the purchase and payment went ok, but you have trouble e.g. activating a license key or an activation code contact Tracker techsupport (send us a Support request, or call) so that we can check if the code is still valid and give further assistance