How can I buy a license and activate the license for my app?

Quick answer:

Such licenses are e.g. these ones:

Tracker 24h (Tracker Live Daily pass)

Tracker 1 year (Tracker Annual License)

You can buy these from your local Tracker Retailer

Contact information can be found here

- Open "License" -menu on Tracker App and tap "Extend with a license key"

- Then enter the license key you were given after a succesful purchase

- That is the activation code for the product you had just bought and you get this from your Tracker Retailer

Once the Activation code is used, the date/time seen for the App's main license at the very top of that same menu gets updated accordingly. You can activate a new extension even if the excisting one still had time left.

Let's say that you excisting license still had 2 weeks left on it and you activated a 1 year extension, then it just adds 1 year + those 2 weeks left, so the unused license time don't get wasted

Once the new license key is used as an activation code, there's no need to save it for later use, they are disposable

More information:

Why do I get an error message: Wrong license key or wrong registration code / activation code?

If you are using Tracker App on some other European country (not in Finland) and wondered why you're not able to use in-app purchases directly from Tracker Hunter app's "License" menu -> that option is available only within Finland

If there was some problems when making the purchase via Tracker Retailer etc. then follow these instructions

- Open the Tracker application
- In the map view, tap the button in the lower left corner or swipe from the left side of the screen to the center of the map
- The left side menu of the application opens
- Scroll to the end of that menu and tap "Settings"
- Then from the menu that opens, tap: "License"
- "License key" appears first in the menu that opens and just below is shown the expiration time/date

- Few lines below that one you'll see this one: "Extend with a license key"

- Tap "Extend with a license key" and enter the new license key (activation code) that you were given by Tracker Retailer

- Once the Activation code is use, check the expiration date/time and it should've been extended accordingly

If the expiration time/date won't get updated or you receive some error message regarding the Activation code you just entered, then contact Tracker techsupport or send a Support request