How can I reset & delete Tracker App's all locally stored information and settings?

Quick answer:


- Open device's "Settings" -> "Applications" or "Apps" -> "Tracker" -app

1. Tap: Close or Force close

2. Tap: Clear (delete) app cache

3. Tap: Clear (delete) app data

These 3 steps don't uninstall the application and they don't delete data stored on Tracker Live -service

Apple iOS

Apple iOS doesn't give an option to just reset & delete locally stored information for a certain app

Only option left is to uninstall the app (Apple's own guide), then download and reinstall it

More information: 


Then restart the application and login with the same phone number you've previously used with the app

- With the phone number given, all other information related to that phone number is synchronised back to your app (a license key, your share name, Tracker Live -service targets, waypoints etc.)

- If you have more than one Tracker license key  and you want to be absolutely sure that a certain license key is used for this particular device and want to hand pick the right one, then follow these instructions

You can also contact Traker Support or send us a ticket if you encounter some unexpected problems or error messages etc. so that we can give you more detailed instructions

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