How can I remove dog GPS device from "Targets" -list or deregister from Tracker Live -service?

Quick answer:

You can remove GSP device from your App's "Targets" -list with both viewer and owner password rights
To unregister GSP device from Tracker Live, the GSP device must have been added with the owner's password

1. How do I remove dog's GPS device from Tracker App's "Targets" -list?

- Open right side menu ("Targets" -list")

- Tap: "All targets"

- Tap the name (not icon, but name) for the target you wan't to remove

This opens target's own "Settings" -menu

At the top of this menu you'll see a "Trashcan" -icon

- Tap the "Trashcan" -icon to remove this target from Tracker App's "Targets" -list

- You can add it back later on, if needed by using the same share name and password:

"Targets" -list -> "Plus" -icon -> "Tracker Live" -> "Add"

2. If you wan't to deregister my dog GPS device from Tracker Live -service

- Tap "3 dots" -icon at the upper right corner of your dog GPS device's own "Settings" -menu -> Tap: "Deregister"

- This option removes the target from your phone/tablet but also deregisteres it from Tracker Live -service

- The App gives you this warning to make sure you wan't to do this:

"WARNING: You are about to delete the device permanently. If you do this, you need to register the device again from the beginning. ALL DATA FOR THE COLLAR WILL BE LOST. Are you really sure?"

- If you want, you can re-register the GPS device with Tracker Live:
"Targets" -list -> "Plus-icon" -> Select: "Register a new GPS device" -> Select: "Enter phone number" -> Give information needed for new Tracker Live -registration

More information:


If dog GPS device Tracker Live -service registration was removed (deregistered) by the owner of the device in question, but others who had it on their "Targets" -list are not able to remove it or if there is no "Trashcan" -icon visible to select:

You can reset and delete all locally stored information and settings for Tracker App

The next time you open up the App, all data (including everything on "Targets" -list) is updated from Tracker Live -service

All locally stored data is deleted in the process and only the valid updated information is synchronised

When you reset and delete all locally stored information and settings, it doesn't affect your Apps license registration etc.

You can also contact Tracker Support or send us a Support request if you encounter some unexpected problems or error messages etc. so that we can give you more detailed instructions