I want to transfer the App to another device, how do I do it?

Quick answer:

DO NOT move the application to a new device from a cloud service backup, but perform a new clean installation!

The device where the application has been installed (device no.1)

If the phone number used by the application changes:

- Open  the left side menu -> Tap: "Settings" -> Tap: "License" -> Tap: "Phone number"

- Enter a new phone number and confirm the change with the SMS verification code displayed in the SMS that was sent to the new phone number

- Once the new phone number has been confirmed: Open the left side menu  -> Tap: "Settings" -> Tap: "License" -> Tap: "Release license"

If the phone number used by the app stays the same:

- Open the left side menu -> Tap: "Settings" -> Tap: "License" -> Tap: "Release license"

The device to which the application is transferred (device no.2)

If you have only one license key that you use:

- Then proceed as mentioned in this FAQ guide under "For existing customers"

- Actually, all you have to do is enter the phone number used by the application on the previous device and all other information (license key, share name, targets -list, etc.) will be synchronized to this new device based on the phone number given during installation of the App

If you have two or more license keys that you use:

- Follow these instructions and first deselect "Automatic login / sign in" below the phone number during the installation
- Then enter the phone number that the App used on device no.1
- Next you can then select the license key and share name that you would like to use with the App on this device no.2

Once these steps are done, then the installation process proceeds just as it normally would

More information:

If the installation of the App on the new device no.2 does not proceed after entering the phone number:

- Follow these instructions

Once the App has been successfully transferred to the new device no.2 and you would like to extend the license:

- Follow these instructions

If, while extending your license, you are notified that the license key (activation code) you are using is incorrect:

- Follow these instructions

If there are several hundred items, groups, waypoints, etc., synchronization may take some time, so make sure that the Internet connection used by the application is not lost during data synchronization.

Device power management settings are often the cause if the Internet connection used by the application is lost during data synchronization.

In that case, please follow these instructions if the application's connection to Tracker Live doesn't work:

Instructions for Android devices

Instructions for Apple iOS devices

You can also contact Tracker Support or send us a Support request if you encounter some unexpected problems or error messages etc. so that we can give you more detailed instructions