How can I reset Artemis to its default settings / factory settings?

Quick answer:

- Attach Artemis to its power charger

- While attached to the charger, keep the ON/OFF power switch pressed for 1sec

- Then release the ON/OFF power switch

- Artemis has been reseted back to it's default settings (i.e. factory settings)

- Once Artemis has restarted, test how it works

More information:

If Artemis is able to connect to Tracker Live -service, even momenteraly, you can call or send a Support Request to Tracker and they see if they could give assistance in such cases. Call or send a Support request.

If Artemis is not able to connect Tracker Live -service at all, so that there is no means to get any connection through to the Artemis GPS device, then Tracker is not able to help in such cases and customer should contact directly Tracker Oulunsalo Service / Maintenance for further assistance, or by sending a Service request