How do I change the Artemis antenna or tighten it if necessary?

Quick answer:

Usually Artemis' external antenna can be replaced or tightened without special tools

The antenna can be unscrewed with your own hands and also tightened in place with the same way

If necessary, you can order a new antenna from your local Tracker Retailer

More information:

If you notice that manual tightening does not feel sufficient or the antenna has become loose during use:

1. Tighten by hand and mark the tightening point with a line across the joint (white line in the picture below)

2. Tighten a further 5mm, eg with locking pliers, holding point (a) and a apply sufficient torque of approx. 60 cNm

If needed, You can also contact Tracker by calling or sending a Support request

Tracker Service / Maintenance can be reached by calling or sending a Service request