Android - What should I do if the Tracker Live service doesn't work?

Quick answer:

1. Close the application and restart it

- If necessary, force the App to close by following this Google's own guide

2. From the "License" menu, check that the license used by the application is still valid

If necessary, purchase additional license time and activate it for use

3. Check that the phone's own internet connection is working (no airplane mode active or Mobile data off, etc)

If the device's Internet connection does not work, switch off the device and then on again

4. If  the application still does not have an internet connection, proceed as follows:

If steps described above are done and problem still persists

- Open device's "Settings" -> "Applications" or "Apps" -> "Tracker" -app

1. Tap: Close or Force close

2. Tap: Clear (delete) app cache

3. Tap: Clear (delete) app data

These 3 steps don't uninstall the application and they don't delete data stored on Tracker Live -service

Then restart the application and login with the same phone number you've previously used with the app

- With the phone number given, all other information related to that phone number is synchronised back to your app (a license key, your share name, Tracker Live -service targets, waypoints etc.)

- If you have more than one Tracker license key  and you want to be absolutely sure that a certain license key is used for this particular device and want to hand pick the right one, then follow these instructions

If instructions suggested above were unsuccessful

- Follow Google's own guide on how to check and update the Tracker app via Google Play -store

- If necessary, follow Google's own guide on how to uninstall the app, then download and reinstall it

If the app is still doesn't have an internet connection, go through these points on "More information"

More information:

Make sure your Android device has its own software and security updates are up to date

- Link to Google's own guide for checking and updating software and security updates

Check if the location services and related settings on your Android device are active and enabled

- A link to Google's own guide with instructions given also for older legacy Android devices
- A link to Google's own guide to improving the accuracy of location services

Check if the permissions needed by the location services for Tracker application are active and available

- A link to Google's own guide to edit apps permissions e.g. to use location services on your device
- A link to Google's own guide for choosing which apps can use your Android phone’s location services

Do you use automatic updates/sync for time, date & time zone in your device?

- A link to Google's own guide for choosing the settings for time, date, and time zone

- If you have a dual SIM device, i.e. there are two different SIM cards / subscriptions from two different mobile carrier service provider and if there are problems with time/date/timezone sync with those ISP's network, please contact either the techsupport of your mobile carrier subscription provider or the manufacturer of the Android device in question

Power management settings to extend battery life, may prevent you from using GPS and location services

- A link to Google's own guide for these settings and their effects on your Android device

- For device-specific instructions, contact the techsupport of the manufacturer of the Android device you are using

Check the following settings and services to make sure they're not preventing Tracker app's access to internet

- A link to Google's own guide on "Do Not Disturb" -setting that might also affect data connections on some devices

- A link to Google's own guide on "Airplane Mode" and how to edit its settings (enables or disables data connections)

- A link to Google's own guide on how to enable or disable mobile data or limit its usage on your device

If you only had a WLAN / WiFi connection when the problem occurred, turn it off and turn on Mobile Data only
Or vice versa, i.e. if Mobile Data was in use when the problem occurred, disable it and connect to the WLAN / WiFi network

If the solution to the problem would require you to reset your Android device to factory settings

- A link to Google's own guide for backing up and restoring data on your Android device
- A link to Google's own guide for resetting your Android device to factory defaults

If the device you are using does not have some of the above mentioned menus or settings, please contact the manufacturer's own techsupport of the Android device in question for further instructions

You can also contact Tracker Support or send us a Support request if you encounter some unexpected problems or error messages related to Tracker app & services