How do I replace or install a new SIM card to Tracker GPS device?

Quick answer:

You must not change any other SIM card in the Artemis GPS device to replace the SIM card that comes with Artemis!


- Insert the new SIM card in your phone first
- Deactivate the PIN code request
- Test that calls and internet connection work ok


- Insert the SIM card to Tracker GPS device with the bevelled corner facing outwards and the contact surfaces facing the side of the GPS device that is against the dog's neck
- When attaching the protective cover after replacing the SIM card, be careful not to turn the screws so tight that they split the cover
- Also make sure that there is no debris, hair, etc. left between GPS device and the attached protective cover, that could affect the watertightness


- When the SIM card is in place and the protective cover is attached, take the collar out, switch power on and leave it on for about 5 minutes
- You can then proceed as described in the "More information" section below

The protective cover is attached with three Torx-6 screws

It is not permitted to change the SIM-card for Tracker Artemis GPS device

More information:

After the SIM-card has been replaced and installed

If the Tracker GPS device has an existing registration in Tracker Live -service

Tracker Easy GPS devices manufactured after 2013 will automatically update the changed phone number for Tracker Live registration
In this case, there's no need to contact Tracker support and the GPS device will be ready for use after a short wait

If it is not a Tracker Easy GPS device made after 2013

In the Tracker App, the previously used phone number for this Tracker GPS device is displayed in the target's "Settings" menu but cannot be directly edited, so call Tracker's technical support or send a Support request

The information needed for Tracker technical support to replace the old phone number with a new one, can be found in the "Settings" menu of the collar:

  1. Share name
  2. The phone number previously used on the Tracker GPS device
  3. IMEI number (serial number starting with 35xxxx) if displayed on target's "Settings" -menu
  4. In addition to this information, tell us the phone number and mobile operator (ISP) of your new SIM card

If possible, leave the Tracker GPS device with power switched on and in a location where the operator's network is readily available

Tracker Technical Support then changes the new number to the Tracker Live server and sends the necessary setup commands to the Tracker GPS device

When the new phone number has been updated to Tracker Live -service by Tracker techsupport, the new phone number will get updated to the target's own "Settings" -menu as well

If the Tracker GPS device had been previously unregistered from Tracker Live -service

The Tracker GPS device's previous Tracker Live registration may have been removed by the collar owner or Tracker's technical support, at the owner's request (e.g. if the Tracker GPS device has been sold to a new owner)

In that case, Tracker Live -service doesn't have any previous used information about that Tracker GPS device. No old share name, phone number, or IMEI (serial number starting with 35xxxx)

What does all this mean?

In the case of a Tracker GPS device made after 2013 with up-to-date software, the Tracker GPS device can automatically re-register with Tracker Live -service as soon as you switch the power on for the Tracker GPS device that has a new SIM card installed in it

- Then you can proceed as described in "How can I add a Dog 1. (for a dog GPS device that has never used with Tracker live -service before)" according to this guide

- Once the Tracker GPS device's new registration has been successfully added to the App's "Targets" -list, you can tap the name for this target and change the display name shown on map view for this target, by editing the "Name" field (tap the first entry on this menu), and you can also tap the owner and viewer password menu items to change the passwords used for those

In the case of a Tracker GPS device made before 2013

The Tracker GPS device must be then added to Tracker Live -service and registered as a new device by using the phone number of the new SIM card, since all related information used before with Tracker Live -service, had been deleted (share name, IMEI etc.)

- Open the App and tap the button in the lower right corner of the map view or swipe from the right side of the screen to the center of the map 

- Tap the plus-sign at the bottom of the opening side menu ("Targets" -menu)

- Tap "Register a new GPS device"
- Select "Enter phone number" and follow the on-screen instructions

This following information is needed as you proceed with the new Tracker Live -service registration:

  1. Phone number (international format, starting with +358 and omitting the first zero of the phone number)
  2. Name (this will be the display name of the device on the map)
  3. Device type (check the make / model marked on the device cover and select the correct one from the list)
  4. Country and carrier (this is information related to the phone number used)
  5. Share name (this is the identifier used for the device in the Tracker Live -service and it cannot be edited later)
  6. Owner password (this is required to start/stop tracking or change the settings used for Tracker GPS device)
  7. Viewer's password (this + share name can be given to your friend who wants to track your Tracker GPS device)

Depending on what make/model your Tracker GPS device is, IMEI is not necessarily asked during registration process

You can call or send a Support request to Tracker techsupport and ask them to update IMEI information for the registered device

If you are using a TravelSIM M2M -card for the Tracker GPS device:

- Country = "All international roaming SIMs"
- Carrier = "TravelSIM"

More information about TravelSIM M2M -card and it's properties etc. can be found here

You can also contact Tracker Support or send us a Support request if you encounter some unexpected problems or error messages etc. so that we can give you more detailed instructions