Why don't I get position updates from my Tracker GPS device?

Quick answer:

Check these from your phone and App:

  • If there are others who are tracking the same Tracker GPS device, check if they are able to get fresh position updates
  • If others are able to track this GPS device, check your phone's internet connection (instructions for iOS and Android devices)
  • If the application's license has expired, purchase and activate additional license extension for your App
  • If others receive position updates from the GPS device and your phone / app's internet connection is ok, remove the target from your App's "Targets" -list and add again
  • In the case of a B-Bark GPS device, check these instructions
  • If your phone's internet connection works but for the app doesn't (you can't remove / add a target and add back again), reset the App's settings and locally stored data
  • If resetting the application did not help, check for updates and, if necessary, uninstall and reinstall the application

Check these from Tracker GPS device:

  • Make sure the Tracker GPS device is switched on and has enough power
  • Make sure the GPS device has connection to satellites _and_ the operator's network the device's SIM is using, is available (both, GPS and Internet connection are needed for tracking to work)
  • Test if it's possible to call to the GPS device's phone number, i.e. whether the GPS device has the operator's network available (For Artemis, calling is not possible: Order an audio sample, Voice clip)
  • If necessary, restart the GPS device from the power switch or through the application in the "Settings" menu for the GPS device in question ("Targets" -list -> All targets -> tap the name of the GPS device -> tap the 3dots-icon in the upper right corner -> Restart the device)
  • Especially if you have a TravelSIM, Tele2 or Telia IoT -> restart the GPS device (the quickest way to recover network access for these SIM's)
  • If restarting was not helpful, check if you need to top up the SIM's saldo / usage time (Artemis / Tele2 / TravelSIM)
  • If the device is Artemis and external antenna is attached to it, check if using internal antenna works better: ("Targets" -list -> All targets -> tap the name of the GPS device -> External antenna attached to device: Yes / No)
  • If it is possible to connect the GPS device to the charger check if there's SW updates available for the GPS device
  • If you're using a SIM from your local mobile carriers (ISP's) on your area, contact them and ask if there's a known problems with local network coverage / internet connections and whether the subscription for the SIM and its additional services are ok (especially: data services)

More information:

If the above steps do not resolve the issue and you contact Tracker Techsupport by sending a Support request or if you contact Tracker Service/Maintenance and send them a Service request, then some background information would be needed. An example of a problem with the following information would be helpful:

An example when problem was detected:

  • As accurate a date / time as possible and where did the problem occur (indoor, outdoor, if off-road, for example, the coordinates of your location would be helpful if available)?
  • Were others able to get position updates from this GPS device at the same time or not, i.e. did the problem occur only to you or to everyone who tried to track this GPS device?
  • Were you able to call to the phone number that this GPS device is using (for Artemis: were you able to order an audio sample, sound clip) and if not, what kind of an error message did you get?
  • Information used by the Tracker application on your phone (license key, share name, phone number)
  • The GPS Device's Tracker Liver Registration Information (share name, phone number)
  • What is the GPS Device's serial number starting with 35xxxx (IMEI) and a more specific make / model of the device (written on the collar chassis)

You can also contact Tracker Support or send us a Support request if you encounter some unexpected problems or error messages etc. so that we can give you more detailed instructions