How can I select estate borders, nautical charts and their depth information or other map layers to be shown on map?

Quick answer:

How to find access to extra map material:

- Tap the button in the lower left corner of the map view (opens the side menu on the left)
- Tap "Map options"
- Tap "More layers" at the end of the menu that opens

Once that menu opens, you can then select to display and also edit the settings for these:

  • "Finnish estates"
  • "Finnish state-owned hunting grounds"
  • "Depth information by Traficom"
  • "Finnish public excursion areas"
  • "Nautical charts, Finnish Transport Agency"
  • "Natura2000 protection areas"

Map material provided may differ from one country to another

These ones that are listed above are available for Finland

More information:

From "Map options" -menu you can edit following settings:

"Finnish estates"

- You can choose which information you want to be displayed on the map "Borders and numbers" or "Borders only" (or set both active at the same time)

"Finnish state-owned hunting grounds"

- You can choose whether you want to see "All Areas", "Elk hunting" or "Small game hunting" and for each of these you can choose to display either "With info Text" or "Only borders" (or set both active at the same time)

Additional map layers:

"Depth information by Traficom"

"Finnish public excursion areas"

"Nautical charts, Finnish Transport Agency"

"Natura2000 protection areas"


"Depth information by Traficom" -map material will be visible for 18 hours and then hidden and can be activated again, if needed

Nautical charts are chart material that Tracker distributes to its customers just as it is available from Traficom's servers
That is, we cannot influence the chart material, depth curves, other markings, etc. of the nautical charts ourselves, or if for some reason the nautical chart is not available in a certain area

"Oma riista"- and "Reviiri"-maps

If you have added maps from "Oma riista"  and "Reviiri" they will be shown on this same "All map layers" -menu

For these maps map layers you can choose "Normal coloring", "Lines only" or "Reverse coloring" (or set them all active at the same time)

What such options are available depends on what features you have enabled or disabled while creating and saving these maps at "Oma riista" or "Reviiri"

In case you have problems with some of these extra map material's provided:

If map material or added areas, etc. do not appear correctly on the map or their information does not appear to be up to date, you can reset the application and its locally stored data and settings

In this case, the next time the application starts, it is forced to reload all the necessary maps and extra map material again, and this way you can be sure that the previously downloaded old maps or their settings are not affecting the situation

You can also contact Tracker Support or send us a Support request if you encounter some unexpected problems or error messages etc. so that we can give you more detailed instructions