Problems with map material?

Quick answer:

1. I can't add Reviiri -map

You can add Reviiri -map with your email address used with Reviiri -service:

- Open left side menu

- Tap "Settings"

- Tap "Reviiri"

- Enter email address + password used for Reviiri -service

- Tap "Connect"

If the email address used gives an error message:

- Check if the email address or password used has an invalid character or is missing one

- Check can you replicate the problem on some other device that has Tracker App installed

- Check if Tracker App has (or device used) has access to internet (Android instructions and iOS instructions)

- Check if your Tracker App has the latest updates installed (update instructions)

- If the login information given triggers an error regardless with what device you test it, contact Reviiri -service directly

2. Changes made to the map material won't update on App

All changes made to the Reviiri -map will take some time to get updated to Tracker App

If You wan't to make sure the changes made to the map material have taken effect, wait at least 24hrs

If nothing seems to happen and enough time has passed for the changes to take effect, do as follows:

- Open left side menu

- Tap "Settings"

- Tap "Reviiri"

- Just below "Connect" button it says: "Connected as..." and below that it says: "Tap to disconnect"

- Tap that menu item and disconnect from Reviiri -service


- Open left side menu

- Tap "Settings"

- Tap "Maps"

- Tap "Clear map tile cache"


- Close the app and restart (force to close, if necessary)

- Open Tracker App "Settings" -> "Reviiri" -> Enter email address + password -> Tap: "Connect"

- Give app some time to sync the map material from Reviiri -service

More information:

Make sure the App has the latest updates installed (link to update instructions) has their own user manual that you might find helpful

If you had contacted Reviiri -service directly and they said everything on their part is ok, but still the changes made are not shown at Tracker App, then take a screenshot of how the area looks on map at Tracker App and how it looks on Reviiri - service and if needed, specify what those changes are that we should be able to pick up and look when we investigate this further

Send the email address used with Reviiri -service + screenshot to Tracker techsupport with a Support request

Add the following info to the same Support request from Tracker "License" -menu:

- Open left side menu

- Tap "Settings"

- Tap "License"

The information we need are these:

License key

Share name

Phone number

Before sending an email or a Support request, see if you could try and test entering the area identifier code to Tracker App on some other device or if your friend has the app installed etc. and mention the results of this test on that email or Support request sent to us