Why I can't track old Tracker TTA-310 series, Pointer2008 etc. GPS devices?

Quick answer:

The current situation:

These older TTA-310 series and Pointer2008 GPS devices were Tracker with SMS-messages and the Tracker application no longer has permission to process (read, write or send) SMS-messages

Reason why SMS tracking is no longer successful:

Tracker Hunter 6 does not have permission to process text messages (SMS) directly, as added restrictions to security settings by Google no longer allow third-party applications to receive / send text messages

As a result, previously used SMS tracking is no longer available

On Apple iOS devices, the use of SMS messages has never been possible with the Tracker app

What about tracking TTA-310i and TTA-310ia GPS devices through the Tracker live service?

It is no longer possible, as commands to start tracking should be sent via SMS, and even if you send the message yourself by typing a separate message, the application would no longer be able to read the GPS device's reply due to changes made by Google.

What if I send my old GPS device to Tracker Service, could it be fixed to be compatible with the Tracker live service?

It is not advisable to send these collars to Tracker Sercice / Maintenance, as maintenance cannot correct the situation for these collars in terms of SMS-tracking and they cannot be made compatible with Tracker Live service either, and for a long time, it has not been possible to order new spare parts for GPS devices that are this old

More information:

You can also contact Tracker Support or send us a Support request if you encounter some unexpected problems or error messages etc. so that we can give you more detailed instructions