1st Gen G400 GPS devices have limited functionality during 2021 hunting season

The older versions of G400 -series

Only exception is G400FI of which is a newer model and still receives software updates, service/maintenance and techsupport

Support (software updates, maintenance techsupport) and operation of the first generation G400 dog GPS devices has ended 5/2021 (G400 will have limited functionality during 2021 hunting season)

1st Generation GPS devices:

Tracker G400 v2.07, v2.08, v2.08i
Pointer Magnum v2.07 ja v2.08

You can find out the version number by opening Tracker App's target list and tap the name of the device in question:

 "SW version"
Version number is also either written on GPS device chassis or it can be found from a sticker: (version number in bold)


More detailed instructions of how to find out the version number for your GPS device can be found here

In 2021, 1st generation devices will start having limited functionality and that is due for being so old

What are these features or services that might be problematic in 2021 hunting season?

In view of this, the current Tracker App has not been able to use text messaging (SMS) for a long time and, by design, these 1st generation devices were originally build to operate with SMS-based commands, i.e. the following ones will be affected by this:

- SMS tracking (position requests and answeres)
- Geofence alarm
- Barking alarm
- Bark indicator adjustments (barking counter scale)
- GPS / GSM power adjustments

Originally it has been possible to use configuration commands on the device in problem situations, by using commands sent as text message (SMS), that is not available anymore and affects these following ones, to mention a few:

- Reboot the device
- Restore basic settings.
- Test message acknowledgment deactivation.
- Tracker Live tracking start command via SMS

A few practical examples of current situation:

- GPS device is not connected to the Tracker Live -service -> it is no longer possible to send SMS command to fix this
- When there's a need to adjust the GPS device's microphone sensitivity -> it is no longer possible to send SMS commands via SMS messages to adjust these settings

- Also situations where the device's battery is completely discharged, then the basic settings of the device are reset and the settings of the Tracker Live -service also belong to them -> At the moment it is no longer possible to send necessary SMS config. commands to the GPS device to fix this and restore those settings

Here, of course, one cannot take into account all the potential situations where an older 1st generation GPS device might encounter problems or cease to function, i.e. as long as the GPS device works, you can use it, but Techsupport and Service/Maintenance -services for these 1.Gen. devices are no longer available as of 5/2021