Why the Scent Trail (wind direction) is pointing in the wrong direction on the map?

Quick answer:

The Scent Trail

The Scent Trail uses OpenWeatherMap data and it's information is not derived from local national weather forecasts

Because of this, the wind direction given by the Scent Trail may not always match exactly 1: 1 to a real-time situation

More information:

You can do some troubleshooting and narrow down the possible cause for incorrect wind direction:

Open the "My position" status information menu at the bottom of the map view
Check what is stated in the section: "Wind"

When the error is in the application:

The "My position" -> "Wind" data reads "North" and the cone on the map points north 

(the cone extends north from your location, i.e. winds from the south)

- Close the application and restart
- Update the application if needed
- If necessary, reset the application and its settings
- Check that the app has an internet connection (iOS guide and Android guide)

When the error is with the OpenWeatherMap weather information:

The "My position" -> "Wind" data reads "North" and the cone on the map points south
(the cone extends south from your location, i.e. winds from the north)

But at the same time, the clouds run north in the sky (i.e. in reality, that’s when it winds from south to north)

- You must wait for the OpenWeatherMap information to finally update correctly
- Tracker's technical support cannot help in this situation, as the fault is not in the Tracker's application

You can also contact Tracker Support or send us a Support request if you encounter some unexpected problems or error messages etc. so that we can give you more detailed instructions