How can I update Tracker Artemis software?

Quick answer:

Artemis' GPS device takes care of updating the software used by the GPS device all by itself
Usually, the software update for the Artemis does not require any action on the part of the customer

The software update for the Artemis GPS device proceeds as follows:

- When power is switched on, the Artemis GPS device checks the operating conditions (internet connection, AGPS, settings used, etc.)
- If, after startup, e.g. the AGPS data used by the GPS device has expired and a new AGPS update file needs to be downloaded, then two downloads cannot be on at the same time, so then the download of that software update may be delayed for the AGPS data update
- When about 4 minutes have elapsed since the boot and if a software update is available for the GPS device and there are no obstacles to downloading it, the GPS device will start to download the update
- When the GPS device starts to download the update, the normally flashing yellow light stays on for up to 10 minutes continuously during the update download, as usual.


At this point, the GPS device has only downloaded the update, meaning it has not yet been installed or deployed
In the phone application, the "Settings" menu for the Artemis collar still shows the old software version number

- The GPS device will not install and deploy that new software update until the next restart
- When after restarting, when you open the Artemis GPS device's own "Settings" menu from the "Targets" -list of the Tracker application, you will notice the software version number for the GPS device has been updated accordingly

More information:

When customers are notified of a new software update release, it does not mean that all GPS device's will receive that update immediately and at the same time. However, in the days and weeks following the new software update release, all Artemis GPS device's will receive, download, and deploy that new update. 

If the update does not appear to be successful:

Most often, the problem is that the GPS device is on a weak network or the internet connection has been otherwise interrupted, and the software update has not been downloaded successfully for that reason.

- For the next time you start the GPS device, try to select a location where the operator's network is available and the network is stable enough to download the software update succesfully
- Switch power on for the GPS device in a good network, wait 4min, check if the yellow stays lit to indicate that the update is downloading
- When the continuous yellow light is on for about 10 minutes, it eventually turns off, so once that happens, wait a while and then test Tracker Live tracking
- Turn off the GPS device and leave it off for a while (even a short time will suffice, but waiting 25 minutes would always be better, if possible)
- Restart the GPS device and leave it on until you notice that the software version of the collar has been updated correctly in the "Settings" menu of the Artemis GPS device in the application's "Targets" -list

1. In some situations, it can help if that update command is sent to the collar by Tracker support, directly from the Tracker server.

- Please contact Tracker Techsupport directly or send a Support request
- Please attach the following info to the Support request: Artemis's Sharename and IMEI

2. If you noticed a problem with the GPS device before the upgrade, and that problem didn't go away after the upgrade (or new ones appeared) then:

- Please contact Tracker Techsupport first or send a Support request
- Please attach the following info to the Support request: Artemis's Sharename and IMEI

If the problem seems to be of a nature that would require the GPS device to be sent to Tracker for service (the GPS device does not start at all or battery refuses to charge, the GPS device does not log in to the Tracker Live service, you cannot order a voice clip etc.) then please contact Tracker Service