How do I set a Geofence Alarm for my GPS device and how does it work?

Quick answer:

Tracker GPS device monitors Geofence Alarm independently, even if situations where the App on your phone is not online

- If the dog goes out of the defined area, the GPS device will send information about this to the App on your phone, of which in turn then displays the associated alarm (alarm sound + notification)

- The alarm operates independently of the set GPS device tracking frequency (position update requests)

It works even when you have no other ongoing tracking via Tracker Live active at the same time , besides Geofence alarm
- In the new GPS devices, the alarm takes place over the data connection as a Push-notification, i.e. they work even if the Tracker program is switched off

When an alarm comes on, it will appear in a drop down menu on the top of the phone, where dragging the "curtain" open and by clicking it you can stop the alarm sound

You can also open the alarm notification fully and either select the alarm to be displayed in the application map view, or cancel the alarm.

More information: 

How long your phone sounds an alarm (or plays an alarm at all) or how it will displays a notification for this alarm (or displays it at all) depends on the device you are using and its settings.

iOS instructions for changing notification settings
Android instructions for changing notification settings

How to set a Geofence Alarm for the GPS device:

- In the map view, tap the button in the lower right corner or swipe from the right edge of the screen to the center of the screen, to open "Targets" -menu
- Tap "All targets" at the bottom of the menu
- Open the first tab "My devices" at the top of the menu
- Tap the name of the target (not the icon, but the name) for which you want to set a Geofence Alarm
- Scroll at the end of the target's "Settings" -menu that opens and tap: "Geofence Alarm"
- The Area selected for this alarm is going to be circular, so choose the Area radius (distance from the center of the circle to its outer edge)
- Select where you want to place the center coordinates for this Area ("Target location", "Map cursor" or "My location")
- Next, select the time interval for when the collar will check the status of the Area Alarm and, if needed, will send an alarm to your phone if the position of the collar exceeds the outer limit of the area you specified
- The shortest selectable interval is 1min, so once you've set the alarm, the first alarm can come to your phone in 1min (at the earliest)

Canceling a Geofence Alarm from the GPS device (to deactivate the Alarm)

- By opening a Geofence Alarm notification, you will be able to cancel (turn off) that alarm from the menu that opens.
- Or you can tap the name of the GPS device in the "Targets" -list and scroll to the end of the "Settings" -menu that opens and tap the round icon to the right of "Geofence alarm" with a cross in the middle
- If you have problems removing the alarm via Tracker App, there is an emergency option to send an "Alarm off" -command to the GPS device, (if the GPS device is other than Artemis) as SMS text message 

(Note! Sending SMS command is not a recommended way to clear the alarm)


All commands to the GPS device usually go through Tracker Live -service, so when you set or disable an alarm, make sure the App on your phone is also connected to Tracker Live -service

If the Geofence Alarm doesn't seem to work as intended or not at all, or the related information is incomplete in the "Status Information" -menu at the bottom of the map view, for the GPS device in question, the problem may be caused by the person who set the Geofence Alarm with an out-dated Tracker App software version (see this guide for more information)

For App connectivity issues on your phone:
iOS - What should I do if the Tracker Live service doesn't work?
Android - What should I do if the Tracker Live service doesn't work?

You can also contact Tracker Support or send us a Support request if you encounter some unexpected problems or error messages related to Tracker app & services