Why the GPS device has disconnections to Tracker Live -service?

Quick answer: 

Possible reasons for Tracker Live -service position updates data interruptions are:

1. The GSM or GPS signal on the GPS device is weak

- When the GPS device in question is set as the target to be displayed, then at the bottom of the App's map view you can open the target's "Status" -menu by taking a hold of it's name-bar and dragging it up and open with your finger, and it will show GPS, Power and Telephone network as well as the used telephone network mode (e.g. GSM)

2. The A-GPS update for the GPS device is not on or has failed

- Restart the GPS device. After rebooting, the GPS device will try to load A-GPS data, which will help the GPS device find its place faster.

3. The GPS device is in power save mode

- If it appears that the GPS device only switches on occasionally, it may be in power save mode.
- Set the GPS device's position update frequency to less than <15sec (more information can be found here)

More information: 

You can also use the playback timeline of the tracked GPS device to determine whether the connection break was between the GPS device and the Tracker Live -service or between the Tracker App on and the server.

- If the connection break is also visible in the GPS device's playback timeline -> the problem has been with the GPS device's connection to Tracker Live -service
- If the connection break doesn't show up in the GPS device's playback timeline -> there was a problem with your Tracker App's connection to Tracker Live -service

You can also contact Tracker Support or send us a Support request if you encounter some unexpected problems or error messages related to Tracker app & services