Answers to questions regarding sending a GPS device for Service from an EU country other than Finland or outside the EU

Quick answer: 

Please note the following before sending your GPS device to the Tracker Kempele service:


- Always call Tracker Techsupport first or send a Support request to techsupport, for the problem might be with the device software or settings, and it may be possible to resolve it remotely
- If the problem or fault of the device cannot be corrected remotely, then the device must be sent to Tracker Kempele for Service/Maintenance
- At this point, do not mail the device yet


- You can fill in and print this Service Form (when printing it, you can also select an option to print it in .PDF file and save it for later use) and then ask directly from Tracker Kemeple Service/Maintenance for further instructions what comes to practical arrangements for sending the device (e.g. what freight company, courier service should be used for sending it or what to do with a tracking code for the shipment etc.) and you can do this by sending a Service request directly to Tracker Kempele Service. 

- You and select "Message subject" -> "Service" in the webform to be sent so that the Service request is sent to Tracker's Kemeple Service
- Include as accurate a description of the fault or problem as possible and you can also attach the printed Service Form, if you save it as a .PDF file when printing it and attach that file to your Service request for Tracker Kempoele  Service. That gives them an opportunity to check if all the information given is correct and that nothing important is missing

- Accurate, reliable contact details (name, address, telephone number and e-mail address) are very important and further ensure the accuracy of the information and that the information provided is free from typing errors and is easily readable.
- Tell us the exact information of the GPS device to be sent for service (Device model, IMEI, share name and phone number) instructions can be found here

- If it is possible for you to leave the GPS device switched on and connected to the charger (once You've sent the Service request to the Tracker Service/Maintenance), that would be very helpful and recommended, because then the Service can remotely adjust the settings of the device and also remotely update the software of the device

- Attach a receipt, order confirmation of the purchase of the device or other document indicating the date of purchase of the product (e.g. a photo or other copy of the original document)

Based on this information requested above, Tracker Kempele Service may assess whether the reported problem or defect is covered or out of warranty and can be in contact with the customer (if up-to-date contact information is available).

- After this, the service is in contact with the customer and if they consider that it is under warranty service, they ask to send the device for repair and provide the customer with a ready-made address card and service order, which the customer can print and attach to the package and deliver for Tracker Kempeole Service/Maintenance

Once your device has been sent for service, you may still have many questions and concerns that you can find answers to in the "More information" -section.

More information: 


- How does the situation differ if the device is sent from another EU country to Finland for Tracker Kempele Service or if the device is sent for Service from outside the EU (such countries are, for example, Great Britain or Switzerland)?


- When sending from outside the EU for Service, the main challenges come in terms of customs and the transport company used, package tracking and costs. In other words, the customer should not send the device for Service himself, but contact the nearest Tracker dealer first, through whom other practical arrangements can be agreed with Tracker's Kempele Service.

- When shipping the device from another EU country, PostNord's customer return system is available and can be used, but in the case of "Non-warranty service", the customer then undertakes to pay the costs of maintenance and freight. In this respect, the practical arrangements must first be agreed with Tracker's Kempele Service


- Have you received the device I sent for Service?


- We try to send the customer a Service order confirmation by e-mail when the device has arrived at Tracker's Kempele Service

Note! If you have not received the e-mail, check your e-mail spam folder and if the order confirmation is not found there either, please check that you have entered the correct e-mail address and that there were no typos


- Can you keep me updated during Service/Maintenance and tell me what was wrong with the device and what was fixed in it?


- The answers to these questions will only become clear when the maintenance is complete. Only then is it known exactly what was wrong, what maintenance was done and what spare parts were needed. The Service Work Description can be found in the service delivery or Service order confirmation, which can be found in the same package where the device will be returned for service and it describes what was done during the Service/Maintenance


- Does the warranty cover all costs incurred for this maintenance and what if there are any non-warranty repairs that may incur costs for me?


- The warranty does not cover costs incurred due to wear and tear, damage caused by external factors or a third party (e.g. the operator "ISP" of the SIM card used in the device) for which we have no direct influence.

- If you have requested a warranty repair for the device and the service states that the defect is not covered by the warranty, we will contact the customer / contact person indicated in the Service Order about the cost of the repair, so make sure the contact information provided in the Service Order (+ package address card) is up-to-date

- The warranty repaired device will be returned to the customer free of charge. If it is not a warranty repair, the customer pays all shipping costs 


- What if I haven't received the invoice from you? What happens next? Will it incur additional costs for me as a customer as a result if the invoice is not paid on time, etc.? (email not received or email deleted as spam)


- Once the device has been repaired, it will not be sent back to the customer until we have received proof of payment. We keep the device for 6 months, after which we consider it to be the property of the Tracker

- If the device has been in Service for more than 1 month and you have not received any message, it is advisable to contact the service directly and inquire about the matter


- How long will maintenance take and when I get the device back? (time to send the package and the time it takes to deliver it and if the device has to wait in the service queue, as well as time to service?)


- Unfortunately, we cannot know this in advance. We can only give some kind of estimate of the duration of the service when the device has arrived at our Service, i.e. the first opportunity to do so is when an Service Order confirmation is sent to the customer by e-mail when the device arrives for service.

Note! If you have not received the e-mail, check your e-mail spam folder and also check that the e-mail address you provided in case it was misspelled, had typo's etc.

- When the device is sent back to customer, our system is not able to send tracking codes automatically.

- Information on the stages of processing the shipment and the transport of the package is usually sent by the the freight company delivering the package. They have their own policies for submitting the tracking code. Usually, they only send the package tracking code when the shipment is arriving at the pick-up point or recipient address.


- What if the contact person or his/her phone number, e-mail address provided with the package change and the person mentioned in the package information is not able to receive the package, but someone else could -> how do I report the changed information?


- I hope this doesn't happen. If you are unsure of the return address for your device, please indicate this in the Service order you sent to Tracker for service and ask for Tracker Service specifically to contact the customer first and confirm the return address before sending the shipment.

- If you have received an Service order confirmation for a device that has arrived for Service, you can report the changed information by replying to the e-mail you received from Tracker Service

Note! Please ensure that you provide your contact information correctly (up-to-date and not misspelled or typo's in it) and in a sufficiently clear handwriting that there is no room for interpretation.