Tracker GPS device - Switching the device ON/OFF and attaching it for the dog

Quick answer: 

This guide applies all Tracker FI-series GPS devices (manufactured 2013 or later), G1000 and Supra i.e. all Tracker GPS devices that can receive software updates over internet. This guide does not apply to Artemis GPS device 

Switching the device ON

Start the device by turning the power switch clockwise to the ON position
The LED lights start blinking, the device starts to search for its position, and automatically logs in to the Tracker Live -service

When the device is ready for use, only the green LED light flashes every 1 sec

After start-up, when the device has calculated its position, it will automatically start transmitting position updates via Tracker Live -service with a 1 min interval tracking frequency

The Tracker Supra GPS device always starts with the following basic default settings, regardless of any changes you might have made to its settings during the last time you used the device:

- The Tracker Smart is on
- 1min background tracking via Tracker Live -service
- Alarms are off
- AGPS is on and A-GPS data updates setting is set at: “On startup”
- "AGPS Online" download setting is set at: "As you get older"

Switching the device OFF

To switch off the device, turn the power switch counterclockwise one and a half turns

You can switch off the device even if it has a continious tracking via Tracker Live -service active at the time when you power it down

If it seems that you're unable to switch off the device, you may have turned the power switch too quickly:

1. Turn the power switch "half a turn" in counterclockwise (wait a couple of seconds)
2. Turn the power switch another "half a turn" in counterclockwise (wait a couple of seconds)
3. Then turn the power switch the last "half a turn" in counterclockwise, to complete the switch off

The LED lights may flash for 5-15 seconds after the device is switched off

You can also force the device to shut down by doing this:

- Turn the power switch to the OFF position
- Connect the GPS device to the charger
- The device shuts down and starts to recharge its battery
- The next time you start the device, it will start with the default settings

Attaching the GPS device for the dog

  • From the Tracker App, make sure your device is connected to Tracker Live and is providing the fresh position updates correctly
  • Connect the GPS device to a collar and place the collar around the dog's neck so that the power switch, points / is facing, towards the dog's chest
  • Do not unleash the dog until you are sure that device sends position updates via Tracker Live -service at the set tracking frequency

Note! You can start the device at home or on the way to the hunting area. This allows the device to lock the satellites for tracking, as well as take other necessary actions to check possible updates etc.

The power consumption of the device with the basic settings is insignificant, even if it is switched on 15-30 minutes before the actual use

More information: 

You can also contact Tracker Support or send us a Support request if you encounter some unexpected problems or error messages etc. so that we can give you more detailed instructions