How to force the Tracker GPS device to shut down and reboot the device?

Quick answer: 

This guide applies all Tracker FI-series GPS devices (manufactured 2013 or later), G1000 and Supra i.e. all Tracker GPS devices that can receive software updates over internet. This guide does not apply to Artemis GPS device, for it has slightly different instructions that can be found here

For more information on Tracker GPS devices and how to update their software, can be found here

Switching the device OFF

To switch off the device, turn the power switch counterclockwise one and a half turns

You can switch off the device even if it has a continious tracking via Tracker Live -service active at the time when you power it down

If it seems that you're unable to switch off the device, you may have turned the power switch too quickly:

1. Turn the power switch "half a turn" in counterclockwise (wait a couple of seconds)
2. Turn the power switch another "half a turn" in counterclockwise (wait a couple of seconds)
3. Then turn the power switch the last "half a turn" in counterclockwise, to complete the switch off

The LED lights may flash for 5-15 seconds after the device is switched off

You can also force the device to shut down by doing this:

- Turn the power switch to the OFF position
- Connect the GPS device to the charger
- The device shuts down and starts to recharge its battery
- Once this is done, you can turn the power switch to ON position to reboot the device

The Tracker GPS devices restores its default settings on next restart

The Tracker GPS device always starts with the following basic default settings, regardless of any changes you might have made to its settings during the last time you used the device:

- The Tracker Smart is on
- 1min background tracking via Tracker Live -service
- Alarms are off
- AGPS is on and A-GPS data updates setting is set at: “On startup”
- "AGPS Online" download setting is set at: "As you get older"

More information: 

In those situations where the GPS device is logged in to the Tracker Live service (even momentarily) despite the problem, i.e. it is possible to get some connection to this GPS device, then Tracker's technical support can also help, so call or send a Support request 

If the GPS device does not seem to respond to anything anymore e.g. 

  • Restarting the device fails when you -> open "Settings" menu for the device -> tap 3dots icon at the upper right corner -> restart the device
  • The device doesn't get connect to Tracker Live -service (not even when fully charged, with good network coverage and not even when waiting a good few mins between restarts)
  • You get an error message when trying to call to the phone number that the device is using

Then Tracker's techsupport will not be able to help out. But first, before sending the Artemis over to Service/Maintenance, contact Tracker Oulunsalo Service by sending a Service request (on web form, select: Message subject -> Service)

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