What is Tracker group cross-tracking and how does it work?

Quick answer

Both the Tracker application and the Ultracom Next application that use Group Cross-tracking must have a valid license for the application + a valid cross-tracking license

Individual Ultracom liveservice devices or users can no longer be added to the App's targets menu
Tracking of all Ultracom liveservice devices or users works now via Group Cross Tracking

  • Tracker Group cross-tracking combines Tracker and Ultracom groups
  • The person sharing the group must have group administrator rights to share the group
  • Users in connected groups can see all the other hunter in the group and the GPS devices of the dogs on the map
  • Other items in the group, besides friends and dogs, cannot be shared or seen (e.g. areas, waypoints or quick messages between group members, etc.)

In Group coss-tracking, the user either creates a new group for this purpose or selects an existing group, where the user is admin and:

  • gives the Join code of the Tracker-Ultracom crosstracking to Ultracom group admin, who joins Ultracom group to the Tracker group with that code.
  • Join code of the Tracker-Ultracom crosstracking from Ultracom group admin, and joins Ultracom group to the Tracker group with that code.

In Tracker group cross-tracking, joining groups works as follows:

- Create a new Tracker Group or select one of the Groups in your "Targets" -menu
- Open the "Targets" -menu -> Tap "All targets" -> Tap the Group name (shown at the top of the popup menu)
- Tap the cog wheel icon in the upper right corner and select "Link Ultracom Group"
- Next, you'll be asked, "Do you have existing Ultracom group join code or do you want to create one?"
- You will then have the following options to choose from:

"Create Join code"

- If you selected "Create Join code" you will see an 8-letter access code with no numbers and all letters are uppercase (capital letters)
- Enter this Join Code for the Ultracom user so that they can use it to link their own group to your to the group you use in the Tracker application

"Link with excisting code"

- If you selected this latter one, i.e. joining the Ultracom group, you will be prompted with the following: "To link with Ultracom group, enter Join Code" then the options "Cancel" or "Ok"
- At this prompt, enter the Subscription Code you received from the Ultracom user and you will be able to join your own Tracker group to the Ultracom user group


- If you selected this, you can unsubscribe from Group Cross Location and no groups are linked

Once the groups are connected, that "Join Ultracom Group" -option will be replaced by "Unlink Ultracom Group"
That means that the groups have been successfully added, linked and sharing position updates to everyone listed on those groups

You can tap that "Unlink" -option at any given time to remove the link between these two groups and stop sharing location data and position updates to the members of those groups

More information: 

If you joined groups with Group cross-tracking, and if you see this text below the items listed in the group:
"Cross-tracking license has expired"

In that case, you do not have a valid license subscription to use Group Cross Location
You can then purchase a license or extend your existing cross-tracking subscription time by following these instructions

If necessary, you can also reset the application settings and return it to the default settings
If the app and licenses are ok, but the app can't connect to Tracker Live:

You can also contact Tracker Support or send us a Support request if you encounter some unexpected problems or error messages related to Tracker app & services