Techsupport and Service/Maintenance for B-Bark GPS devices

Quick answer: 

Please contact directly to B-Bark's own support or service/maintenance, if having problems related to B-Bark GPS devices

You can contact B-Bark's own technical support by sending an e-mail:

You can also send a Support request and select to following options before sending it:

Location: (select your country)

Brand: B-Bark

Device model: B-Bark device

Message subject: Support (or select: Service, if you wan't to contact B-Bark Service/Maintenance)

More information: 

B-Bark's own website shows for contact information Tracker support number 0600 414 610 (1.98 € / min)

The version 6 application used for B-Bark and Tracker customers is 1:1 the same, so Tracker techsupport is able to help with the new version 6 app, but not with the older versions of B-Bark's own application

B-Bark's GSP devices differ so much in their technical solutions and properties from Tracker's GPS devices that it's best to contact B-Bark's own support, as Tracker's technical support has no access to phone numbers, share names, stats and ID's, settings, commands used or other such information used by B-Bark GPS devices

You can also contact Tracker Support or send us a Support request if you encounter some unexpected problems or error messages while using B-bark 6 or Tracker Hunter 6 applications. so that we can give you more detailed instruction