Techsupport and Service/Maintenance for Tracker Boazu GPS devices

Quick answer: 

For Tracker Boazu GPS devices, please contact directly at Boazu's own support and service/maintenance by e-mail:

Tracker Boazu GPS device are serviced by Tracker's Kempele service

Finnish Reindeer Grazing Associations (Paliskunnat) can use Tracker's Boazu direct service/maintenance contact information given to them by Tracker, or they can contact Tracker Kempele Service/Maintenance using this phone number:

Tracker Kempele Service/Maintenance
Tel: +358 (0)8 521 9000
Phone calls are answered in finnish
Phone number is active during weekdays mon-fri between 12.00pm - 15.00pm

There's also a service form you can fill and print out before sending the shipment to Tracker Service / Maintenance

I want to send my GPS device to service / maintance, how do I proceed?

Answers to questions regarding sending a GPS device for Service from an EU country other than Finland or outside the EU

More information: 

Tracker Boazu's GPS devices are used to locate and track reindeers, and Tracker's consumer customer technical support does not have the needed detailed information about the settings they use, the commands or actions required in problem situations, and so on.

So it is better to contact Boazu's own support by e-mail:

You can also Support request for Tracker Boazu techsupport and select to following options before sending it:

Location: (select your country)

Brand: Tracker

Device model: Other device

Message subject: Support (or select: Service, if you wan't to contact Tracker Boazu Service/Maintenance)