What is Tracker Map Planner and how does it work?

Quick answer: 

Tracker Map Planner is a web service used to create map designs

With an easy-to-use program, you pre-design maps on your computer and transfer the created map templates to your phone's Tracker App

To use the service, you need:

You can use "Oma Riista" areas or markings from your phone, for example, as a basis for Tracker Map Planner maps
With Tracker Map Planner, you can draw the areas or lines you want and any necessary map markings
You will immediately see the map template in your phone app and you can also share them with your Tracker groups


Tracker Map Planner web service can not be used to track friends/dogs via Tracker Live -service

If you own a valid license for the Ultracom application in addition to the Tracker license, you can tap the icon in the upper right corner of the Tracker Map Planner and merge both accounts

Once your Tracker and Ultracom accounts are merged, you can share the map template you save in Tracker Map Planner and synchronize it to the Tracker app you own, as well as to the Ultracom app you own

You can only merge your Tracker and Ultracom accounts once, and you can't brake or undo that link between these merged account afterwards

Tracker Map Planner - Login

What is needed for your computer's web browser:

- In the address bar of your computer's web browser, type: planner.tracker.fi
- Open the website for Tracker Map Planner
- If you want to change the language used by Tracker Map Planner, you can do so at this point by tapping the flag image above the QR code and then selecting your preferred language from the drop-down menu that opens.

What is needed in the Tracker application on your phone:

- Launch Tracker Hunter 6 App on your phone
- Open the left side menu of the application
- At the end of the menu that opens, tap: "Settings"
- From the menu that opens, tap: "Tracker Map Planner"
- Allow the app to use your phone's camera if prompted
- Then read the QR code displayed on the Tracker Map Planner login page with your phone's camera

You will be notified on your computer's web browser that the login was successful
Tracker Map Planner opens a view asking you to create your first map template

From this point on, follow the instructions and other information displayed on the screen, when using Tracker Map Planner

More information: 

If there was a long enough login delay, you will be notified of a login failure on your computer's web browser and a request to refresh the page to start logging in process from the beginning

If the web browser you are using on your computer has security or ad-blocking plugins, they may prevent the use of some menus, features or pop-up windows while using the planner.tracker.fi

Your computer's web browser also displays a notification that the location is being used, and you can deny or allow the location to be used. Disabling access to a location does not prevent you from using Tracker Map Planner

You can also contact Tracker Support or send us a Support request if you encounter some unexpected problems or error messages etc. so that we can give you more detailed instructions