How does the tracking frequency affect the power consumption of the Artemis GPS device?

Quick answer:

Here are indicative estimates of the effect of the selected tracking frequency on the Artemis device on the device's power consumption:

Tracking frequency 3sec -> battery lasts on average 19h
Tracking frequency 20sec -> battery lasts on average 1 day 20h
Tracking frequency 1min -> battery lasts on average 2 days 15h
Tracking frequency 2min -> battery lasts on average 3 days 6h

More information:

Differences in outdoor temperature also affect power consumption, and also other external factors e.g. if the collar has to increase power to maintain an internet connection in a weak mobile operator's network, then it increases power consumption

Therefore, it was mentioned above that these figures given are indicative estimates

Tracker continuously develops Artemis software and the device's power saving and longer operating times is one of the targets of product development