New feature: A change in the tracking interval of the GSP device now affects the "Power Mode"

With Artemis' GPS device, this feature has already been in use and now the same functionality is also brought to the following Tracker GPS devices:
G400, G400i, G400FI, G500, G500 2013, G500FI, G1000 and Supra

When you tap an dog's name in the targets-list, the item settings menu opens and "Power Mode" option was removed and device's power mode is now controlled by the tracking interval used for the device

New features:

- "Power mode" option removed from devices settings-menu

- 15sec tracking interval added as a new option

- Older G400, G400i and G500 GPS devices (that can not update their software via internet) GPS power mode is set at "Full power" on tracking intervals of less than 2mins

For more information on how different tracking intervals affect the current "Power mode" used by the GPS device, see this guide