Geofence Alarm, Barking Alarm and Point Alarm

Tracker GPS device monitors Geofence Alarm independently, even if situations where the App on your phone is not online

- The alarm operates independently of the set GPS device tracking frequency (position update requests) It works even when you have no other ongoing tracking via Tracker Live active at the same time , besides Geofence alarm
- In the new GPS devices, the alarm takes place over the data connection as a Push-notification, i.e. they work even if the Tracker program is switched off

When an alarm comes on, it will appear in a drop down menu on the top of the phone, where dragging the "curtain" open and by clicking it you can stop the alarm sound

You can also open the alarm notification fully and either select the alarm to be displayed in the application map view, or cancel the alarm

Geofence Alarm
- Open "Targets" -menu
- Tap "All targets"
- Tab "My devices"
- Tap the name of the target (not the icon, but the name) for which you want to set a Geofence Alarm
- Tap: "Geofence Alarm"

- The Area selected for this alarm is going to be circular, so choose the Area radius (distance from the center of the circle to its outer edge)
- Select where you want to place the center coordinates for this Area ("Target location", "Map cursor" or "My location")

- Next, select the time interval for when the collar will check the status of the Area Alarm and, if needed, will send an alarm to your phone if the position of the collar exceeds the outer limit of the area you specified
- The shortest selectable interval is 1min, so once you've set the alarm, the first alarm can come to your phone in 1min (at the earliest)
Barking Alarm
- Open the "Targets list"
- Select "All targets"
- Select "My devices"
- Tap the name of the GPS device in question (not the icon, but the name)
- Tap: "Barking Alarm"
- Set the duration and frequency of barking
- Accept the changes and set the Barking Alarm on by selecting: "Set"

In Tracker Artemis, the barking alarm is otherwise the same, but its beginning and end are defined separately:

Bark start alarm
Bark stop alarm
Point Alarm
- Open "Targets" -menu
- Tap "All targets"
- Tab "My devices"
- Tap the name of the target (not the icon, but the name) for which you want to set a Point Alarm
- Tap: "Point Alarm"
- Set "Motion level" (on a scale of 0-12) and "Duration" (on a scale of 10sec to 5min)
- Select "Set" to accept the changes and turn on the "Point Alarm"

The operation of the Point alarm is also affected by the speed measured based on the location of the GPS device, and if it is more than 3km per hour, the alarm will not be triggered because the dog may be in a car or train, for example

How to determine the correct "Motion level" limit for the "Point Alarm"

- Set tracking frequency to 3 seconds and wait until the dog's position starts updating via the Tracker Live service
- Wait until the dog stops and stands still
- At the bottom of the map view, open the dog's status information menu by dragging it up and open
- Check what is displayed on that dog's status information menu as the current "Motion level" value for the dog
- If on that dog's information menu the "Motion level" value varies e.g. 0-3, use the next bigger number when dog is on point (in this example it would be 4)

How long your phone sounds an alarm (or plays an alarm at all) or how it will displays a notification for this alarm (or displays it at all) depends on the device you are using and its settings

iOS instructions for changing notification settings
Android instructions for changing notification settings

All commands to the GPS device usually go through Tracker Live -service, so when you set or disable an alarm, make sure the App on your phone is also connected to Tracker Live -service