How can I adjust the barking counter scale and Bark line (Barking tail)?

How can I adjust the barking counter scale?

To successfully adjust the bark indicator's sensitivity, the GPS device and the app you are using must be connected to a Tracker Live service. If the phone, application or GPS device cannot connect to the live server, the existing bark detection values cannot be checked and cannot be changed as there's no means to transmit those changed values to the GPS device

- Open the right side menu

- Tap "All targets"

- Tap "My devices"

- Tap at the name of the target (not the icon for the target)

- Tap: "Set barking counter scale"

A pop-up window opens with buttons for either fine-tuning the bark indicator's sensitivity in 2 steps or 20 steps at a time
First, the application asks the GPS device what the current values for Barking Counter are and then allows you to edit them

What if you can't select "Set barking counter scale" in the "Settings" menu for the target in question?

If this is a newer GPS device that should have "Change Bark Detection Sensitivity" menu item, but it is missing from the "Settings" menu for the selected target, check that you have the owner's password in use. The viewer's password cannot be used to modify the bark detection sensitivity (or any other settings, for that matter).

If necessary, tap the password field in the "Settings" menu of this target and change the current password to the one you've got from the owner of the collar.

If the password used is correct and it's the owner's password that you're using and connection to Tracker Live -service works for both, for the App and for the GPS device, and the App doesn't have its license expired, then remove the GPS device from the targets list and add again with the owner's password and/or reset the App's settings

How can I adjust the Bark line (Barking tail)?

The following instructions apply to Tracker GPS devices starting with software version v1.25.00

The drawing of the "Bark line" / "Barking tail" begins:

- When the dog has barked at least 4 times in the last 10sec

The "Bark line" / "Barking tail"  drawing ends:

- When the dog is 10sec without barking

Effect on calculating the Total Barking time:

- Barking time is calculated in full minutes, so even when just a short section of the barking line has been drawn, it is taken into account within these Bark time calculations

- As of GPS devices with SW v1.25.00, the calculation of "Dog barking" / "Dog not barking" -modes and Barking time is calculated by Tracker GPS device, in which case it does not depend on the target's position update frequency set via the application