Application maps and settings related to them

General map settings (e.g. map download)
- Open the left menu -> Settings -> Maps

Map layers and their additional materials:
- Open the left menu -> Maps

Maps for "Oma Riista" or "Reviiri" service:
- Open left menu -> Settings -> "Reviiri" / "Oma Riista"

To edit the icons and information that appear in the map view:
- Open the left menu -> Settings -> Display -> "Units" (e.g. coordinates) / "Information on the map" / "Map controls" (all map buttons) / "Target appearance" (e.g. object icons)

How can I select estate borders, nautical charts and their depth information or other map layers to be shown on map?

How to find access to extra map material:

- Tap the button in the lower left corner of the map view (opens the side menu on the left)
- Tap "Map options"
- Tap "More layers" at the end of the menu that opens

Once that menu opens, you can then select to display and also edit the settings for these:

  • "Finnish estates"
  • "Finnish state-owned hunting grounds"
  • "Depth information by Traficom"
  • "Finnish public excursion areas"
  • "Nautical charts, Finnish Transport Agency"
  • "Natura2000 protection areas"

Map material provided may differ from one country to another

These ones that are listed above are available for Finland

From "Map options" -menu you can edit following settings:

"Finnish estates"

- You can choose which information you want to be displayed on the map "Borders and numbers" or "Borders only" (or set both active at the same time)

"Finnish state-owned hunting grounds"

- You can choose whether you want to see "All Areas", "Elk hunting" or "Small game hunting" and for each of these you can choose to display either "With info Text" or "Only borders" (or set both active at the same time)

Additional map layers:

"Depth information by Traficom"

"Finnish public excursion areas"

"Nautical charts, Finnish Transport Agency"

"Natura2000 protection areas"


"Depth information by Traficom" -map material will be visible for 18 hours and then hidden and can be activated again, if needed

Nautical charts are chart material that Tracker distributes to its customers just as it is available from Traficom's servers
That is, we cannot influence the chart material, depth curves, other markings, etc. of the nautical charts ourselves, or if for some reason the nautical chart is not available in a certain area

"Oma riista"- and "Reviiri"-maps

If you have added maps from "Oma riista"  and "Reviiri" they will be shown on this same "All map layers" -menu

For these maps map layers you can choose "Normal coloring", "Lines only" or "Reverse coloring" (or set them all active at the same time)

What such options are available depends on what features you have enabled or disabled while creating and saving these maps at "Oma riista" or "Reviiri"

In case you have problems with some of these extra map material's provided:

If map material or added areas, etc. do not appear correctly on the map or their information does not appear to be up to date, you can reset the application and its locally stored data and settings

In this case, the next time the application starts, it is forced to reload all the necessary maps and extra map material again, and this way you can be sure that the previously downloaded old maps or their settings are not affecting the situation

I can't add Oma Riista -map or changes made to the map material won't update on App?

You can add the map from Oma Riista -service to Tracker App, with the map's own area identifier code:

- Open left side menu

- Tap "Settings"

- Tap "Oma Riista"

- Enter area indentifier code

- Tap "Add"

If the area indentifier code gives an error message:

- Check if the area code you are using has an invalid character or is missing one (should contain 10 characters)

- Check can you replicate the problem on some other device that has Tracker App installed

- Check if Tracker App has (or device used) has access to internet

- Check if your Tracker App has the latest updates installed (update instructions)

- If the area code gives an error regardless with what device you test it, contact Oma Riista -customer service

2. Changes made to the map material won't update on App

All changes made to the Oma Riista -map will take some time to get updated to Tracker App

If You wan't to make sure the changes made to the map material have taken effect, wait at least 24hrs

If nothing seems to happen and enough time has passed for the changes to take effect, do as follows:

- Open left side menu

- Tap "Settings"

- Tap "Oma Riista"

- At the end of each map material menu item, you'll see a trashcan-icon

- Tap "Trashcan" for the map material that hasn't been updated properly


- Open left side menu

- Tap "Settings"

- Tap "Maps"

- Tap "Clear map tile cache"


- Close the app and restart

- Open Tracker App "Settings" -> "Oma Riista" -> Enter area identifier code -> Tap: "Add"

- Give app some time to sync the map material from Oma Riista -service

Make sure the App has the latest updates installed (link to update instructions)


Changes made to map material has to be saved in two different stages:

1. Saved as a draft

2. Then save as ready for publishing

... once these steps are done, one has to specifically select "Set area ready" or otherwise the changes made are not updated with the area indentifier code used for the area and won't show up on Tracker App

If the changes made are still not shown at Tracker App, then take a screenshot of how the area looks on map at Tracker App and how it looks on Oma Riista - service and if needed, specify what those changes are that we should be able to pick up and look when we investigate this further

Send the area identifier code + screenshot to Tracker techsupport with a Support request

Add the following info to the same Support request from Tracker "License" -menu:

- Open left side menu

- Tap "Settings"

- Tap "License"

The information we need are these:

License key

Share name

Phone number

Before sending an email or a Support request, see if you could try and test entering the area identifier code to Tracker App on some other device or if your friend has the app installed etc. and mention the results of this test on that email or Support request sent to us

Why the mapview doesn't follow the direction I'm going, but stays locked to north?

To change this setting, tap the compass icon in the upper right corner of the map view

If the compass icon doesn't seem to help and the map still stays locked to north, make sure you're not using the App in "Easy Mode"

Disable the "Easy Mode" function

- Open the application

- Tap lower left corner icon to open left side menu or swipe the screen from left to center

- Scroll the menu all the way down until you find "Settings"

- Tap "Settings" and select "Display"

- Tap the slider on "Easy mode" and change it from green (ON) to grey (OFF)

- Return to mapview and tap the upper right corner compass icon to toggle mapview lock to north ON or OFF

If "Easy mode" is set OFF and the compass icon still doesn't release the mapview from being locked to north

There are usually only 3 options left:

- Is the device's electronic compass is broken?
- Device electronic compass is not available?
- There is no electronic compass in the device?

Consult your device's own or if warranty is still valid for the device, then contact the retailer you've bought it from

Why is this arrow, a line, or an orange area originating from "My position" on map?

1. An Orange Arrow

You have set a Navigation Target that is outside the visible map area
An orange arrow from "My position" points to that Navigation target:

2. An Orange Area

This orange area is called the Scent Trail and it shows the wind direction relative to your location -> "My position"

3. The Straight Line that originates from your location

This is a Measurement Line from your location -> "My position" to the cursor position on the map

Here's how to get the above mentioned objects out of the map view:

An Orange arrow - "Navigation marker"
- Open the left side menu  -> "This position..." -> "Cancel navigation"

An Orange area - "Scent trail" (wind direction)
- Open the right side menu -> Tap the name of the "My position" -> "Scent trail" -> Tap the slider to gray

The Straight line - "Measurement line"
- Open the left side menu -> "Settings" -> "Display" -> "Show measurement lines" -> Tap the slider to gray

Why the Scent Trail (wind direction) is pointing in the wrong direction on the map?

The Scent Trail

The Scent Trail uses OpenWeatherMap data and it's information is not derived from local national weather forecasts

Because of this, the wind direction given by the Scent Trail may not always match exactly 1: 1 to a real-time situation

You can do some troubleshooting and narrow down the possible cause for incorrect wind direction:

Open the "My position" status information menu at the bottom of the map view
Check what is stated in the section: "Wind"

When the error is in the application:

The "My position" -> "Wind" data reads "North" and the cone on the map points north 

(the cone extends north from your location, i.e. winds from the south)

- Close the application and restart
- Update the application if needed
- If necessary, reset the application and its settings
- Check that the app has an internet connection (iOS/Android)

When the error is with the OpenWeatherMap weather information:

The "My position" -> "Wind" data reads "North" and the cone on the map points south
(the cone extends south from your location, i.e. winds from the north)

But at the same time, the clouds run north in the sky (i.e. in reality, that’s when it winds from south to north)

- You must wait for the OpenWeatherMap information to finally update correctly
- Tracker's technical support cannot help in this situation, as the fault is not in the Tracker's application