Artemis - 1 year service extension voucher

For customers outside of Finland (or for those who have received an activation code)

- Open the targets-list

- Tap "All targets"

- Tap "My devices"

- Tap at the name of the target (not the icon for the target)

- Tap the service time/date to add 1-year service extension and use the activation code you bought from Tracker Retailer

Once the activation code is used it extends the service time by 1 year

Once this is done, it has no further use anymore, so it is disposable once used

For customers in Finland

From that same pop-up menu, you can buy a 1 year service extension if you are in Finland and can use Tracker Web Shop

In this later case, once the 1-year service extension is bought, it is also automatically activated so no additional activation code is needed

Adjusting the service time alarm limits

- Open the left side menu of the application
- Tap: "Settings"
- Tap: "Dislplay"
- Then scroll down to "Balance alert limits"
- By default, Artemis service time alert is set at 30days
- You can adjust the timer all the way up to a 100 days