Tracker App and product changes for 2022

In June 2022, a new joint app for managing and tracking Tracker, Ultracom and B-Bark dog tracking devices will be launched!

Soon you can seamlessly use Tracker, Ultracom and B Bark devices with one Tracker app. It brings together the best features from both Tracker- and Ultracom- applications. The new software is easy to use, versatile and allows you to create joint groups within different device users.

The new Tracker application replaces the Tracker Hunter 6 application. The old Ultracom app will be closed in 15th of June 2022 and users are recommended to migrate to the new Tracker app.

The Tracker app will be available for download from the Play and Appstore from June 1st, 2022. More information on the advanced features of the new app will be published later this spring.

Licence prices for 2022 (new Tracker and Ultracom Next):

12 months: 79 €
1 week: 19 €
Team license (3 annual licenses): 165 €

To use all the features of the Tracker GPS device and to ensure the optimal performance for the Tracker G500, G1000, Supra, Super Boazu and Pointer Pro Magum -devices, check from the device settings-menu in Tracker App that the device is updated to the latest firmware version and if the firmware is not the latest, update the device according to the instructions given by the Tracker App

GPS devices that are compatible with the new Tracker App that will be released on June 1st, 2022:

Tracker and Pointer GPS devices
All GSP devices that can be updated by the customer via internet and do not need to be serviced to update the firmware for the device, are new enough to be compatible with the new Tracker application. Make sure your GPS device's firmware is up-to-date! More detailed instructions for updating your device can be found in this article

Tracker G400 and Pointer Magnum, are not compatible
More information on this can be found here
Tracker G500 v2.07 or Pointer Pro Magnum v2.07 are also not compatible

If you have a G500 v2.09 or Pointer Pro Magnum v2.09, you can send the device to Tracker Service where it can be upgraded to be compatible with the new Tracker App
Tracker Boazu GPS devices
Of the Tracker Boazu GPS devices, only Super Boazu will work after June 1st, 2022

You distinguish the Super Boazu from the fact that it does not fasten the collar to the GPS device with screws, but instead as shown here in this picture:

Only this Tracker Super Boazu that is shown in the picture above, works after June 1st, 2022 and is compatible with the new Tracker App.

If necessary, please contact Tracker Boazu's own techsupport and service
B-bark GPS devices
All of the B-bark GSP devices that you can now track with Tracker Hunter 6 and B-bark 6 can also be used with the new Tracker App released on June 1st, 2022
Ultracom GPS devices
The following Ultracom devices are compatible with the new Tracker App:

Ultracom R10 (all models)
Ultracom Avius
Ultracom Novus

More detailed instructions for updating the old Tracker Hunter 6 / B-bark to the new program can be found here

Below you will find answers to the most common questions about the new Tracker App (click the topic to open it):

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