How to update Tracker Hunter 6 or B-bark to the new Tracker App

A completely new Tracker App has been released on June 2022, combining the best of both the old Tracker Hunter 6 App and Ultracom Next App

Tracker App 7 - The biggest changes vs. the old version 6 app (Tracker/B-bark)

With the new Tracker App, you can also use compatible Ultracom devices with full admin rights. Including VHF-based Ultracom devices. 

These Ultracom devices are compatible with the new Tracker App:

Ultracom R10 (all models)
Ultracom Avius
Ultracom Novus

If you have Ultracom Next in addition to Tracker Hunter 6 or B-bark 6, you can transfer it's account to the new Tracker App. (More information on this can be found here)

The minimum requirements for the new Tracker App are Android 6.0 or Apple iOS 11 or later. Answers to the most common questions about new software and the devices you can use with it, can be found here

Please note the following before You start to update Your old App to the new one:

  1. When you launch the new App, the information you sync from the old App is based on the phone number you enter when you launch the new App. Unlike previous Tracker App's, this new App will also link to your Google Account (email address) or Apple account (email address) that you've given when updating to the new App
  2. The new App no longer gives an access to the GPS device with a share name and an owner or viewer password, but just like Ultracom Next, the device now has an administrator. Admin status allows you to edit device settings and manage the device (including it's visibility to groups and viewers) just as you previously were used to do with the owner password in Tracker Hunter 6 or B-bark 6 Apps

Keeping in mind the points mentioned above, it would be advisable to proceed as follows:

Copy the license menu info of your old Tracker or B-Bark App (i.e taking a screenshot)
The phone number you enter when launching the new App the very first time, is used to sync the data from your old App, i.e. the license information and those items from your old App's target's menu that could be automatically migrated to the new App

Make sure you use the same phone number that was in the license menu of the old app when launching the new app!

Save all the important info from the old Tracker or B-Bark App's license menu, just in case it should be needed later on (a screenshot would be an easy option for this purpose)
Make sure each license you use has its own separate phone number and each device has its own separate Apple/Google account

Phone number

If you have more than one device used with the old App and they all use their own individual license keys, but two or more of those share the same phone number in their license menu's, do the following:

- Tap the phone number displayed in the license menu
- A pop-up window will open for entering a new phone number
- A sms-verification message will be sent to the new phone number
- If the new phone number is the same as the phone number of the SIM card / subscription used by the phone in question, then the SMS confirmation will be read and accepted automatically on most phones
- If the new phone number you entered is not the same as the SIM card's phone number used by the device, enter the verification code numbers manually to the pop-up prompt given by the App

This ensures that the phone number you enter during the installation of the new App is linked to only one license only and the information associated with that license is then synchronized to the new App during its first launch 

Apple/Google account

If you have the same Apple / Google Account on multiple devices that also have Tracker Hunter 6 or B-bark 6 installed -> switch to a separate Apple/Google Account for each device

This is because the new app will ask for an Apple/Google account during setup and sync data to the new Tracker App based on it

Remove all other followers from devices owned by You so that only You have admin access to Your own devices
To make it sure that once the App is updated, only the real owner of the device will retain the device's owner/admin rights:

- Open the App's target's menu
- Tap the name of the device (not the icon, but the name)
- The Settings menu for the device opens
- Tap "Viewers and Groups"
- Tap the trash can icon at the end of the name of each person in the list
- The names of the groups displayed in the list can be left as they are(through the groups the device is monitored only with the rights of the viewer, not the owner/admin)

Once the other people following the device have been removed, you can, if you wish to do so, tap the owner's password and change it to a new one.

Once that is done, the device's owner/admin rights given to only one user (the real owner of the device) and the device and all information related to it is then migrated to the new Tracker App

When and how to update from Your old App to the new Tracker App:

  1. Download and install the new Tracker App from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. You can find the program with the keyword "Tracker"
  2. Open the new App. The App will ask you to sign in with your Google or Apple account.
  3. Next, a phone number will be requested. NOTE! It is important to use the exact same phone number that appeared in the license menu of the Tracker Hunter 6 or B-bark application you used before! If you enter some other phone number, the search won't find the exact license and information it used by the previous App!
  4. The new Tracker App automatically retrieves the following information based on the phone number you've entered:
  • License information and its service time expiry date
  • Devices you own (those in the old app's target's list with the owner's password)
  • Groups used in the old apps, do not switch over to the new Tracker App automatically. Users will then need to create new groups and then import map markers as follows:
  • Open group info -> Tap: "Map markers" -> Tap: Plus -sign -> Tap: "Import from old Tracker group"
  • Your map markers from Tracker Hunter 6 and B-Bark 6 are automatically transferred to the new application if you have had a paid license, but -> NOTE!! the map markers of the application using the free version have not been stored on the server, but locally on the phone, so they cannot be restored by Tracker
  • You can import map markings from the old B-bark app by opening the main menu -> select “Transfer markings”. The app generates a code which can then be input in the new Tracker app by opening main menu -> maps -> map markers -> tap on the plus and select “Transfer markers from old b-bark”.
  • Map Planner maps

If you have any problems or questions about the update process from your old App to the new Tracker App, that are not answered here in this guide, please contact techsupport by sending a support request