Locating your reindeer GPS device with Tracker software

The operation of the reindeer GPS tracking link will end on 31.12.2022. After that, the tracking is done with the Tracker app.


You can download the app from your phone's app store by searching for Tracker. After installation, register the application for use and get the usage time from the Tracker online store:

Tracker license - 1 year

Tracker Team (3 x 1 year)


Add devices to the app

  • 2015 and later devices are added with the device's serial number
  • If the device was manufactured before 2015, add it by entering the device's phone number in international format (e.g. +358401234567).
  • You can find the serial of the Reindeer/Ren GPS device from the sticker on the device


You can find the Tracker software user manual from this link.  More information about adding and locating a Reindeer GPS device with the program can be found in this link